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Top 13 Casual Shirts for Men According to Fashion Experts

Casual style is among the most popular fashion tendencies among men. The reason for that is simple – any casual attire is effortless, cool, and convenient for various purposes. Still, such a style can be upgraded with casual shirts for men and a nice pair of shoes to get a sharper and more polished look.

Best casual shirts for men come in various designs, fits, and patterns. They’re versatile and can be easily paired with other garments, creating different outfits suitable for every day and non-formal events. However, the most important thing you should have in mind when shopping for a shirt is a proper fit – if it doesn't fit you well, you can say goodbye to high style and a fashionable look.
This post will show you the 13 best men’s shirts to wear in 2020 and provide you with some tips on finding the best fitting piece to enhance your casual style.

Best Casual Shirts with Long Sleeves

Long-sleeve shirts are an essential part of men’s wardrobe. Thanks to their versatility and timeless style, you can wear them for different occasions – weddings, cocktail dinners, parties, or everyday errands and activities.

Long-sleeve shirts you're about to see are made from premium cotton material, they're breathable and come with a signature 7Diamonds – a unique and essential detail that takes the shirt’s style to the next level.

Young Americans Seamless 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

Young Americans Seamless 4-Way Stretch Shirt is a real closet staple that never goes out of style. This masterpiece features the best-tailored fit and comfort while bringing a tremendous dose of style and casual elegance. You'll feel extreme freedom of movement, extra softness, all-way stretch, and fantastic moisture-wicking technology; all these details will make you look and feel your best.

May We All Long Sleeve Shirt ($99)

May We All Long Sleeve Shirt is a stylish shirt for men who claim that comfort comes first. This item comes in three soft colors – light blue, dusty rose, and midnight – and it’s suitable for a wide variety of occasions. Breathable cotton will keep you fresh and cool even during the hottest days, and you'll look and feel fabulous in it.

After Thoughts 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

After Thoughts 4-Way Stretch Shirt is an ideal button-up with a mixture of comfort and style. Moisture-wicking and wrinkle-free technologies are its most distinct features, but we're sure that you'll also love a 4-way stretch fabric and impeccable design that will be your go-to at any given time.

Clear Horizon 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

Another fantastic example from our collection includes a Clear Horizon 4-Way Stretch Shirt, which represents a great comfort and handsomeness mix. It's a suitable solution for casual events and offices, and you'll love how it fits you. Its subtle pattern provides a touch of uniqueness and makes sure this shirt goes beyond basics.

The Darklands Corduroy Shirt ($89)

The Darklands Corduroy Shirt is one of the best men’s casual button down shirts suitable for a broad range of occasions. It’s made with the best quality in mind (100% cotton), featuring a classic fit upgraded with a slight touch of contemporary style. It will help you create any casual outfit you can imagine easily and effortlessly.

Short Sleeve Casual Shirts for Men

Can you imagine summer without a perfect casual short-sleeve shirt? Neither can we. Pick your favorite model from our collection and dive into the summer adventures with a high dose of style, confidence, and comfort.

Life in the City Short Sleeve Shirt ($69)

Take a closer look at Life in the City Short Sleeve Shirt and imagine yourself wearing it. Cool, right? A unique floral pattern adds a vintage charm to a nicely tailored button-down piece made from crisp cotton while elevating any outfit you opt for. This can be one of the best men’s going out shirts that will make a great first impression on anyone.

Sea Child 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79}

If you love the sea and the magical sound of waves, you’ll love the Sea Child 4-Way Stretch Shirt. This item's special for its additional comfort, style, and exciting pattern that brings a real ocean spirit even if you're spending your summer on hot concrete.

House of Love 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79)

Wear the House of Love 4-Way Stretch Shirt to spread some love this summer. A unique and attractive floral pattern won’t allow your look to go unnoticed, but it will make sure you stand out no matter where you are. It can be a perfect gift for your son, grandson, or brother, and they will find it exceptionally gorgeous and fantastic for sure.

Highway Star 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79)

Highway Star 4-Way Stretch Shirt is one of the most versatile casual dress shirts for men you can wear regardless of the occasion – backyard barbecue, dart nights, going out, or an outdoor party. You will love its ability to adapt to any time of the day and make sure you look polished and handsome.

Flux Short Sleeve Shirt ($69)

Flux Short Sleeve Shirt allows you to experience a whole new dimension with the geometric pattern that stands out. This is one of the best shirts for men that want to experiment with colors and patterns and step into the new sphere of fashion tendencies. Pair it with any garment and create a wide variety of casual looks that won’t go unnoticed.

Polo Shirts

Polos are among the most popular men’s shirts. Their timeless design and rich originals have impacted their global existence and the appearance of different styles, colors, and patterns. Our polos are made from high-quality cotton, they feature a mixture of contemporary and traditional design, and you’ll feel incredibly comfortable and stylish as you’re wearing one of them.

Polos can also be excellent business casual shirts for men.

Happier Performance Modal Polo ($79)

Smiling has never been easier with the Happier Performance Modal Polo. Apart from performing very well, this polo is exceptionally stylish, primarily since it features five soft colors (charcoal, light blue, navy, plum, stone rose), impeccable design, and fit that will keep your comfort level optimal throughout the day.

Walker Performance Modal Polo ($79)

Another well-performing piece you’ll find handsome is the Walker Performance Modal Polo. It provides you with a bolder look while keeping you casual and relaxed at the same time. Choose among four unique tones – wild ginger, charcoal, dusty blue, and navy – and step into the world where good style meets comfort.

Adolfo Polo Shirt ($51.75)

Adolfo Polo Shirt
The unique floral pattern and soft fabric are just some of the features you’ll find on the Adolfo Polo Shirt. It’s made from premium cotton that adds comfort and style to your overall look, making sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.
Did you like this fragment of our polo collection? If so, explore more fantastic polo shirts from 7Diamonds and learn about their history.

5 Extra Tips on Picking the Best Casual Shirts for Men

We have already mentioned that even the best casual shirts won’t provide the best look if they don’t fit you well. Therefore, we have prepared the five expert-approved tips on picking the right model for your casual flair and wear it seamlessly and with an elevated dose of style.

1.    Pay Attention to the Collar

The collar is an essential part of the men’s casual shirt, and it needs to fit you perfectly in order to provide enough comfort and style. Ensure it is loose enough to slide a fingertip under – and no more – to prevent the air between your neck and the shirt.

2.    Choose the Right Sleeve Size in Long Sleeve Shirts

To avoid messy and inappropriate look, find a long-sleeve shirt in the right size. That said, the sleeves must cover the large bone in the wrist when buttoned, and the hole that meets the shirt should be close in to the armpit, not sagging beneath it.

3.    Find the Right Short Sleeve Shirt

You'll know that you've chosen well when your short-sleeve shirt is tight enough to lie against the skin without digging in. If you notice a sagging opening with empty air in it, you'll need to make some adjustments or pick another size.

4.    Make Sure That Shirttails aren't Too Long

Shirttails shouldn't cover more than your belt, or half-inch beyond it at the most. Shirts that are meant to be worn untucked are squared off at the same length all the way around, while the shirts that are meant to be tucked in will have a so-called "ducktail" in the front and back.

5.    Consider the Waistline

Your shirt should taper with your body so that it’s close to the waist as it is to the ribs and chest. If it’s too loose below the ribs, it will look messy, while the puff around the trouser waist when you tuck it in seems even more unpolished.
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