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13 Best Chino Shorts for Men to Emphasize the Style in 2020 + Buying Guide

Most men love wearing chino shorts. Such a positive opinion about this garment is more than expected since chinos are extremely versatile, comfortable, and convenient for almost every summer event.

Chino shorts come in different colors, designs, and lengths, and you’ll pick an ideal pair based on your needs, purposes, and preferences. They form an integral part of men’s wardrobe essentials for a reason, and if you plan on buying a new pair of high-quality chinos, we are here to narrow your options and provide a variety of trendy solutions you’ll love.

Let’s take a look at the 13 best chino shorts men have found the trendiest and the best in the category so far.

What are Chino Shorts?

Chinos are the pants or shorts made from the so-called chino cloth, a twill fabric made of 100% cotton. You can also find chinos made from cotton-synthetic blends, and this option is more common today.

Chinos are often called khakis, but these two terms shouldn't be used interchangeably. Note that any khaki color pants can be called khakis (khaki is a color), while chinos refer to a material they're made from.

13 Best Men Chino Shorts in 2020

Enhance your summer vacation with a pair of high-quality and stylish chino shorts you can buy at 7Diamonds. Our shorts collection is rich in models you can wear from lounging to dining while looking extremely handsome in them. The authentic 7Diamonds signature, the soft Pima cotton, and a small amount of stretch are the details that elevate the comfort and style, providing the right fit at the same time.

Let’s explore our broad range of colors, styles, and designs.

Tasman Chino Short ($69)

A Tasman Chino Short is a real gem among chino shorts. It's designed with a traditional style in mind, but it still has a contemporary city spirit dose. It features eight innovative shades – from soft gray tones to bolder indigo and navy nuances that will boost your confidence and bring a sharper overall look every guy finds cool.

Sea Breeze Chino Short ($59)

Who says chino shorts cannot be made from linen? They can, and their best example is the Sea Breeze Chino Short. They are made from the linen and cotton blend, which is why they provide an elevated dose of comfort, breathability, and style. Such a pair is suitable for everyday activities, or even parties and nights out.

Infinity® 9” Chino Short ($89)

Infinity® 9” Chino Short is a ubiquitous and polished piece that brings an elevated dose of style and comfort no matter where you are. They perform well on both the golf course and city walks, and you can even wear them while climbing or camping – it has several hidden pockets where you can keep your belongings and start your trip worry-free.

Infinity® 11” Chino Short ($89)

Another gem from the Infinity® collection is the Infinity® 11” Chino Short. It features the innovative Linear Flex Technology® fabric, two back snap pockets, and a sleek side front zipper to keep your stuff secure. Since it’s also moisture-wicking, you can consider it for sports, such as golf or tennis.

Verve Chino Short ($59)

Verve Chino Short brings an authentic Hawaiian spirit to the boredom of everyday life. It comes in two smooth shades of red and navy colors, and its floral pattern is something you'll love this summer. This pair of chino shorts are exceptionally comfortable and breathable, and it will keep you cool and fresh throughout the day.

Hybrid Chino Shorts for Men

Although they’re originally made from cotton, chinos come in a variety of blended materials today. Cotton-polyester blend is the most common form of fabric you’ll find on modern chinos, and such a style is mostly present in hybrid shorts.

Hybrid shorts are meant to be both practical and stylish. Therefore, they feature quick-dry, water-resistance, and moisture-wicking techniques that allow you to make a seamless transition from sea to land while looking handsome and smart.

Hybrid shorts are versatile and comfy, and you can wear them for different occasions. They can be seen as an upgraded version of traditional chinos, and you can always opt for them when you need an additional dose of practicality.

Let’s take a closer look at the best hybrid chino short models:

Void Hybrid Short ($69)

A fashion-forward and stylish Void Hybrid Short is a marvelous clothing piece that can complete any man's wardrobe. It's suitable for beach, swimming pool, and nights out, and that's because of the 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and quick-dry fabric that repel any water or sweat while keeping you cool and fresh.

Wayfarer Hybrid Short ($69)

Wayfarer Hybrid Short helps you perform all of your athletic needs with the freedom of movement. Apart from enhancing your active lifestyle and motivating you to do your best, it ensures good feeling and an extremely handsome look. This hybrid chino short comes in two colors – deep blue heath and brushed black.

Adrenaline Hybrid Short ($59)

If you are looking for the best khaki chino shorts, take a look at Adrenaline Hybrid Short. It features a 4-way stretch and quick dry fabric, suitable for hot summer days, but its overall design is more than convenient for nights out, parties, or everyday activities that require an extra dose of comfort, breathability, and trendiness.

Agility Hybrid Short ($59)

Feel an extra dose of movement with the Agility Hybrid Short, an innovative item that ensures comfort and freshness. It’s made from lightweight materials that enhance breathability and outstanding performance in both water and concrete. If you’re a red chino shorts aficionado, go Agility Short in ruby red, but feel free to explore other shades, as well – mahogany, black, and new navy.

Beacon Hybrid Short ($59)

Beacon Hybrid Short is a must-have. It has all the details that make one short ideal for wearing – 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking, quick-dry, water-resistance, and flawless, lightweight material suitable for high temperatures.

Dynamic Hybrid Short ($59)

Dynamic Hybrid Short is the best men’s black chino short you can have. You can wear them at any time to boost your productivity and style, and pair it with a wide range of T-shirts and polos thanks to its top-class versatility. If you prefer lighter colors, you can opt for this model in the putty shade.

Velocity Hybrid Short ($59)

Take your athletic activities to the next level and enhance your style with the Velocity Hybrid Short. Choose among the five stunning colors and patterns and pick your favorite(s) right away – no matter if you go for olive camo, brick red, coral, khaki, or navy, you’ll provide your overall look with a touch of trendiness and perfection.

Existence Hybrid Short ($59)

If you want a pair of casual men’s chino shorts, take a look at the Existence Hybrid Short and pick the color you like the most. This short is a perfect mixture of versatility and style, and you can use it for many occasions and purposes, including beach parties and beach volleyball.

A Brief Buying Guide to the Best Chino Shorts

To make sure you have chosen the best pair of chinos, you need to pick the best-fitting ones that don't make your legs look too thin or weak. Apart from size, which is a pivotal factor for choosing shorts, some other things such as color and length also matter.

We have prepared a brief yet comprehensive buying guide to the best chino shorts to help you find the adequate piece that suits you perfectly.

Let’s begin.

3 Essential Factors to Consider: Color, Style, and Fit

When it comes to chinos shorts, you need to consider the three vital factors in order to find the right pair – color, style, and fit.

Let's explain these ideas more in-depth.

The Fit

The fit is something you must have in mind when shopping for chino shorts. That said, slim fit chino shorts that go 2-3 inches above the knee are considered the best choice, but you'll either go wrong with a regular fit that's neither too tight nor too loose.

The Color

Chino shorts come in dark, neutral shades such as navy, khaki, or gray. However, a high-quality pair also looks excellent in red, green, or indigo blue color, and you’re encouraged to opt for such tones to achieve a bolder and more prominent look.

The Style

The overall chino’s design should be smartly impeccable. Still, you also play a significant role in the style choice since you'll probably select one that suits your needs and purposes. That said, you won't go for chinos with lots of pockets if you plan on wearing them at a dressy event – such a style is more convenient for camping or hiking when you need pockets to carry some of your belongings.

Best Men’s Chino Shorts: Do’s and Don’ts

Even though it seems like nothing can go wrong with a chino short, it actually can. Here are some basic fashion "rules" you should stick to in order to get the ideal outfit and avoid some of the most common mistakes:
  • Don’t wear shorts that are too short: Such a trend has never been favorable since it doesn’t seem polished or adequate in most situations. The best length includes 2-3 inches above the knees, so, go for it.
  • Don’t wear cargo shorts: Avoid cargo shorts unless you go camping or hiking.

  • Don’t wear too tight/baggy shorts: Having extra material may seem too sloppy, and no breathability due to the smaller size is neither comfortable nor stylish.

  • Don’t wear shorts with pleats: Pleated shorts aren’t as popular as they used to be a couple of years ago. Therefore, it’s better to opt for classic or hybrid chinos.
  • Don’t wear a blazer with shorts: The combination of a blazer and chino shorts doesn’t seem right. Avoid it.
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What to Wear with Chino Shorts?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic is how to wear chino shorts?

Chinos can be worn with a wide variety of shoes, tees, polos, and dress shirts. You’ll never go wrong with white sneakers, boat shoes, mocs, or loafers, depending on the outfit you want to embrace.

When it comes to shirts, you have a broad range of options, as well. A plain T-shirt or polos are always convenient for casual looks, while dressier long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirts can be a killer choice for more elegant events.