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Top 15 Long Sleeve Shirts for All Kinds of Occasions

A long-sleeve shirt is a man’s wardrobe staple. It’s one of the most versatile items a guy can have, and it’s particularly suitable for a spectrum of different events with various purposes and formality levels.

Another significant advantage of a long sleeve shirt is the ability to wear it throughout the year. Since it comes in multiple designs, materials, and styles, you're free to pair it with an adequate clothing piece that matches the theme and dress code of the event you're attending.

If you’re looking for the best shirts for men, you’re in the right place – take a look at the top 15 models from the 7Diamonds collection and pick your favorite pieces to wear this summer.

Best Long Sleeve Shirts in 2020: 15 Stylish Examples from 7Diamonds

Long sleeve shirts from our collection are not as ordinary as you might expect them to be. So, what’s so special about them?

Made from premium cotton and with style in mind, our long sleeves provide a perfect fitting, an elevated dose of comfort, and effortlessly chic look that never goes out of style. Each model is enhanced with a unique 7Diamonds signature that ensures fashion-forward and classic apparel suitable for either everyday demands or dressy occasions.

Let’s take a look at the 15 most distinguished pieces from our collection. Stay tuned and enjoy the big sale!

4-Way Stretch Long Sleeves

Comfort plays a significant role in a man’s overall look, which is why it’s essential to find clothes that allow you to move seamlessly and feel entirely relaxed and fresh even after spending the whole day outside.

Our 4-way stretch shirts perform very well. That said, they feature moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant technologies that keep you fresh and cool wherever you go, while a 4-way stretch fabric brings a great fit and enough breathability at any time of the day and night.

Here are some of our most distinguished 4-way stretch models:

Cool Long Sleeve Shirts: Morning After 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

You'll fall in love with the Santiago 4-Way Stretch Shirt’s design. It's a great button-up that comes with the right mixture of comfort and style – you'll be enchanted by the stunning 4-way stretch material, moisture-wicking technology, and wrinkle-resistance. This shirt is perfect for all the occasions, from day to night, making sure you’re satisfied at any time. It’s available in navy and charcoal.

Best Long Sleeve Shirts for Summer: After Thoughts 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

After Thoughts 4-Way Stretch Shirt is a great and always on-trend model suitable for all kinds of casual and cocktail events you might be attending this summer. It will be your go-to for any occasion where you want to feel relaxed and look extremely handsome.

Best Long Sleeve Shirts for Hot Weather: Chilean Sunset 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

Our 4-way stretch shirts are made with the right mixture of comfort and style, and Chilean Sunset is one of the best examples for that. It’s wrinkle-free, moisture-wicking, and extremely comfortable and convenient for hot weather. It’s a great addition to your wardrobe, and its versatility allows you to style it with a variety of other clothing pieces.

Cute Long Sleeve Shirts for Men: Clear Horizon 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

If you're looking for a versatile yet uniquely designed model, let us recommend a Clear Horizon 4-Way Stretch Shirt. Its sleek design and high-quality materials are the reasons to embrace this look and wear it whenever you want to achieve effortless yet stylish apparel.

Versatile Long-Sleeve Men Shirts: Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Luxseam® Shirt ($99)

Meet the most versatile player on our list – a Young Americans 4-Way Luxseam® Shirt. It features a high-end Luxeseam® technology that delivers enhanced comfort levels and eliminates any fit issues with a smooth and sleek fit that hugs the body. You'll feel extended freedom of movement in this stunner, which comes in five different shades.

Long Sleeve Shirts for Nights Out: In My Feelings 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

In My Feelings 4-Way Stretch Shirt is ideal if you need an ultra-modern piece for the upcoming weekend. It’s moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and made from the softest materials that enhance your comfort. It comes in three patterns in grape, navy, and dusty rose color.

Signature Stretch Long Sleeves

We want you to make a statement wherever you go, so we came up with the unique signature shirts collection. All the items from the collection have a 7Diamonds sign, which brings a dose of sophisticated elegance while taking your style to the next level.

Let’s take a closer look at the signature models:

Timeless Long Sleeve Shirts for Men: Peace Train Long Sleeve Shirt ($89)

Peace Train Long Sleeve Shirt is a marvelous and timeless item any man should have in his closet. It’s made from the finest cotton, featuring a unique 7Diamonds signature that elevates its overall style and provides a dose of exquisite fashion. It’s available in five colors – white, charcoal, maroon, sterling blue, and black.

Comfortable Long Sleeve Shirts for Men: Coastin Long Sleeve Shirt ($89)

Enjoy the hot weather while feeling fresh and relaxed. With the Coastin Long Sleeve Shirt, you can forget about the discomfort. This stunner features the premium cotton with a bit of stretch, and you'll look quite handsome thanks to its impeccable slim-cut design. It's available in two unique patterns in navy and gray.

Long Sleeve Golf Shirts: May We All Long Sleeve Shirt ($99)

No matter if you're an amateur player or a real golf expert, you'll find a May We All Long Sleeve Shirt an excellent choice for hitting the course. It’s made from lightweight and durable materials that allow you to play your favorite sport without breaking a sweat. Pick your favorite color (light blue, dusty rose, or midnight) and get ready to conquer the course.

Dressy Long Sleeve Shirts for Men: Kings Bridge Long Sleeve Shirt ($49.50)

Channel your inner gentleman with the Kings Bridge Long Sleeve Shirt, an excellent example of sophisticated elegance. It's made from the best quality cotton that elevates your comfort and style, ensuring the best fitting for your upcoming events.

Luxe Flannel Long Sleeves

Our luxe flannel long sleeves come with incredible hand feel and extraordinary quality. Their design is timeless, which is why they should be an essential part of your wardrobe. These shirts also come with subtle yet unique 7Diamonds detail.

Classic Shirts for Men: Jasper Double Pocket Flannel ($49.50)

A classic two pocket flannel is a timeless piece that will always be on-trend. Go for a Jasper Double Pocket Flannel and feel an outstanding quality that meets your comfort, style, and good look. Although it's made with a traditional style in mind, a 7D signature provides a touch of contemporary flair that you'll find incredible.

Handsome Men’s Long Sleeve Shirts: Hunter Single Pocket Flannel ($49.50)

An incredible hand feel and outstanding quality are the most distinguishing features on the Hunter Single Pocket Flannel. This shirt is designed with comfort in mind, but we must admit that it’s styled according to the latest fashion trends.

Best Casual Shirts for Men: Maxen Luxe Flannel Shirt ($89)

Designed with comfort and impeccable style, a Maxen Luxe Flannel Shirt is an excellent choice for your everyday demands. It allows you to create numerous casual outfits convenient for hangouts, dinners, and similar occasions.

Best Two-Pocket Long Sleeve Shirts: Colt Double Pocket Flannel ($89)

Gorgeous colors and incredible comfort are some of the features you’ll spot on Colt Double Pocket Flannel. This piece reflects an updated modern style suitable at any time, making sure you feel an enhanced dose of comfort.

Classic Corduroy Long Sleeves

Embrace an always-on-trend corduroy material perfectly applied to our shirts. Apart from being exceptionally stylish, corduroy shirts provide you with a significant dose of comfort and breathability wherever you go.

Sea-Inspired Long Sleeve Shirt: Foggy Mountain Single Pocket Corduroy Shirt ($89)

Inspired by the Greek isles and the sea smell, a Foggy Mountain Single Pocket Corduroy Shirt will make you feel like you are sitting on the dock and feeding starving seagulls on the marvelous sunset.
You liked what you saw? Explore our collection of classic corduroy long sleeves and see what else we have to offer.