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Best Men’s Jacket: 5 Tip-top Models (Buying Guide & Styling Tips)

A jacket’s holy grail may be to keep you warm in cold weather, but that's not all they can. Besides protecting you from the cold, rain and wind, a jacket can also complete your outfit and highlight your personality. But, choosing the right style is essential, which is not an easy job with so many options on the rack. Fortunately, we're here to help make your choice simple and straightforward. In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive review of the top men’s jackets with buying and style tips.

5 Best Jackets for Men

Among a rainstorm of different constructions, styles, and types, the jackets that have stood the test of time often feature a rich inheritance and unique design that have kept them in-demand. In turn, manufacturers have started to innovate and replicate their timeless styles — bringing new variations and construction standards to the fashion industry. Therefore, we've rounded up a selection of the 5 coolest jackets for men.

1. The Infinity 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

The Infinity 4-Way Stretch Jacket is a fashion-forward model with the freedom of four-way stretch. Its Linear Flex breathable soft shell is lightweight, quiet, and provides exceptional mobility. Also, the moisture-wicking capability will always keep you dry and sweat-free.

The full feature set, from the waterproof zips to the hidden pockets, keeps this very best mens jacket simple, streamlined, and highly productive. The mock neck collar is detailed, and you will be able to bend and stretch as much as you need to in this 100% polyester jacket. Three color combinations allow you to choose the hue that matches your closet.

2. The Commuter 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

Looking for a men’s work jacket you can wear every day? The Commuter 4-Way Stretch Jacket is ideal for commuters. It looks like a modern jacket, and also got technical features like moisture-wicking fabric. Designed as the consummate traveler, it has a durable, polyester/rayon/spandex shell with enough stretch to provide full freedom of movement. It’s flexible, stylish, versatile and has pockets where they’re necessary.

This best men’s light jacket is so breathable that you'll feel dry and comfy all day long. Plus, this model is made from upcycled bottles and cotton. Therefore, you can wear it and feel great about reducing your carbon footprint. This piece of garment would look amazing atop everything from a midnight shirt to a boxwood T-shirt.

3. Dundee Shirt Jacket ($249)

One of the best ways to ensure a T-shirt raises its level of warmth is to add a nice layer of shirt-jac. For 7Diamonds, keeping to this strategy has proved a good bet: our shirt jacket is reliable, stylish, and snug. Dundee Shirt Jacket channels the versatility of flannel fabric with several more levels of warmth.

The black front buttons are easy to close and stay firmly secure throughout the day. It also helps the shirt's overall structure fit snugly without pressing on any of your softer angles. The stoic grey-navy color is ideal for fall, while the high-quality construction and lightweight fit simply can't be beaten. Therefore, it’s perfect men’s everyday jacket to wear on a BBQ weekend or while drinking a beer in a favorite brewery.

4. Dunbar Shirt Jacket ($249)

Dunbar Shirt Jacket hits ideally the comfortable middle ground between comfort and elegancy. This grab-and-go piece looks great, wears well and delivers plenty of versatile styles. It’s a rugged, easy-to-layer chore shirt-jac suited for the trail, the open road, or your favorite coffee shop in equal pleasure. You should certainly wear it with handsome sea blue chino pants for the ultimate in fall style. Plus, the two chest patch pockets offer a handy storage area — keep everything from your keys to a bottle opener.

This men’s shirt jacket is durable and stretchy enough to give you a depth of movement as you're going about your day. Made out of flannel and sporting a classic black design, this will rapidly integrate into your weekend wardrobe.

5. The Denim Jacket ($69.30)

Retro style is popular these days, and what better way to promote that style than the The Denim Jacket? Cut in a classic fit to couple it with straight-leg chinos and white sneakers, this men’s black denim jacket is destined to be a new fall layering favorite. It’s ideal as a daytime jacket for spring and fall, but this piece can also work during summer. In summer, wear it at night with a vanilla T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

A modern regular fit and medium wash finish make this men’s denim jacket a must-have thing in your wardrobe. Also, this timeless classic comes in an assortment of colors to match your preference or outfits. Neutral in style, it successfully replaces a black overcoat and looks marvelous during your casual business evenings or night outs.  

Buying Guide

A good jacket should be able to do many things. It should keep you warm when necessary, protect you from the elements and look stylish, seamlessly fitting in with your outfit. It’s not so easy to find the ideal model, and they come in a myriad of different styles, all of which could be right for you. When shopping for the best men jacket for men, it’s crucial to consider the following points.


It’s definitely worth keeping the style of your preferred jacket in mind when finding a new one to purchase. To illustrate, if you’re looking for a longer bodied model, then you may want to look for a light overcoat or trench coat. Both of these will be good enough to wear in the fall and spring, but they will also supply you with that extra injection of style that you’re seeking in your outfits.

On the other hand, folks will just be looking for a men’s lightweight jacket to throw over the top of any attire and look cool. For these occasions, you will want to keep an eye out for a denim jacket or something similar. According to your height, weight, and many other elements, you’ll be looking for different styles. Regardless, go for the style that you prefer the most, and you'll have a win-win combination.


The quality of a jacket is always the most important thing. You don't want to spend your hard-earned money on a jacket that ends up being low quality and pointless. You want to have more respect for yourself and for the money you're parting with.

The best way to check the quality is by looking at the different materials and accessories in the garment. A poor quality jacket, for instance, will be made of flimsy material that doesn't hold up with frequent use. It also will likely have a poor fit and buttons/zippers that are cheap and plastic.


Comfort is CEO, and it holds true even more than ever when looking at jackets. When you buy a jacket, you're likely expecting to wear it almost every time you go outside - then you definitely want it to be comfy.

Most importantly, the fit. As with any garment, you need it to sit right on your shoulders and sit right on your arms. If either of these is wrong, you'll have a problem. Another thing to consider is the lining of the garment. Some examples of a comfy inner lining would be fleece, wool or feather down.

Although you may be on the operation to look top-notch, you want to ensure that you're seeking excellent while feeling comfortable. There's nothing worse than going for a long day out in a jacket that turns out to be unbearable.


Unless you're planning to own your jacket just for a month, you want to keep durability. A top quality piece should last you a few years, at the very least. If you exclude the fact of losing or getting lots of weight, the jacket itself should stay in good enough shape to survive a few years of hard usage. Therefore, always double-check the material, quality, and brand if necessary. Buy a jacket that will last you and worth the investment as well.


Another thing to bear in mind when shopping for a jacket is the occasion that you'll attend. Some nice men jackets are more suited to one occasion over another. For instance, if you're thinking about wearing a men’s sports jacket to watch the NFL every weekend, you'll likely be better going for a shirt-jac or a fleece. On the other side of the spectrum, you may want a jacket for wearing over the top of your work outfit for traveling. Due to this, you may be wanting something slightly more formal, just for that added bit of style.
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How Men Should Style Jackets – 3 Tips

Styling a jacket includes so much more than throwing it on over a shirt and heading out the door in a rush. Making a few adjustments to your outerwear styling methods can make a big difference in the look you accomplish throughout the season. In real life, the options are almost countless, even if you don’t usually invest a great deal of thought into the kind of jacket you wear or how you wear it.

1. Pair Denim Jacket with Chinos

The key is to avoid combining it with matching jeans, as this may look too much like a uniform and less like an effortless yet stylish outfit. Instead, couple that classic jacket with something more tailored, like a pair of palm chino pants. Colors like brown, tan and gray are best, as these produce certain balance without pulling away from the understated nature of the complete outfit. 

2. Shirt Jacket over Chinos

For a classic fall look, team up a flannel shirt-jack with a navy shirt, olive chinos, and suede loafers. You can also opt for a zip-up version that provides a slimmer silhouette, and look for a variety of grey or black undertones rather than brown. Couple it with slim-fitting black jeans or trousers, a white t-shirt, and black oxfords.

3. Combine with Sweater

Worn over a button-up cardigan or sweater and slim fit chinos, the jacket can be elevated to a smart casual level. Play with neutral tonal palettes and textures by teaming the black layer with absinthe green button-up cardigan and an olive button-up shirt, or pair a navy jacket with a sweater and toffee chinos.