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Top 20 Shorts for Men to Wear Throughout Summer 2020

A top-quality pair of shorts is an essential part of men's summer attire. Such a piece can create a wide variety of apparel and looks suitable for different occasions – from vacations to country clubs.

The truth is that shorts have not always been a favorable item in the gentlemen's world. Tom Ford once said that a man should never wear shorts outside the tennis court or the beach, but we no longer agree with him. Shots are a staple that comes in various designs and purposes, and they are more than welcome to be shown in the city.

Chino shorts, swim shorts, hybrid shorts, and running shorts are some of the categories your favorite summer piece comes in. Let's dive into the 20 best men's shorts you can find at 7Diamonds and add them to your collection of warm-weather essentials.

Best Men's Casual Shorts

The best-fitting men's casual shorts are the holy grail of gentlemen's summer essentials. They're suitable for everyday errands, beach walks, bars, or even sports activities if the material allows it. You'll never go wrong with such a piece, especially if you want to achieve a flattering yet effortless look.

Take a look at the best shorts from 7Diamonds collection to embrace a true casual style:

Tasman Chino Short ($69)

A powerful combination of a timeless style and casual spirit is perfectly reflected on the Tasman Chino Short. It's a uniquely designed item ideal for both lounging and dining, including typical daily activities where you want to take your relaxed look to the next level. It features a soft Pima cotton with a small amount of stretch.

Void Hybrid Short ($59)

Our hybrid shorts collection is flawless – switch easily from sea to land and stay dry on the way. One of the most representative casual examples from the collection is the Void Hybrid Short, a marvelous pair that can perform all of your athletic needs and boost your confidence. Moisture-wicking technology, the 4-way stretch fabrics, and fantastic design are some of the features for which you'll love this stunner.

Carrera Drawstring Short ($59)

Carrera Drawstring Short is a perfect choice for all those who want to feel entirely relaxed and comfortable during hot summer days. It features high-quality cotton material and four unique colors, including concrete, navy, sand, and forest. Pick your favorite(s) and hurry up – your beer won't be cold forever!

Best Men's Swim Shorts

Floral patterns speak for good vibes all around, as well as our swim shorts do. Dive into the endless world of vibrant patterns and colors, created specifically for those that want to feel an authentic tropical spirit.

Ready to draw some attention your way? Let's start.

Tradewinds Printed Swim Short ($49)

Hawaiian details and vivid colors are perfectly blended on the Tradewinds Printed Swim Short. It brings a sense of wilderness and tropical air, and you'll feel as if you were on the farthest island in the world, even if you're swimming in the garden pool.

Kamehameha Printed Swim Short ($49)

Experience the spirit of wilderness and exotic cultures with the Kamehameha Printed Swim Short. Made from 100% polyester and attention to detail, these men's shorts are perfect for both the ocean, swimming pool, and a casual beach party with cocktails.

Glacial Garden Printed Swim Short ($49)

Beat the heat with the Glacial Garden Printed Swim Short. It's a fantastic men's swim short that never goes out of style and brings a significant dose of comfort and summer spirit. Its floral pattern in dark navy is subtle and suitable for those who're not fond of bright, vibrant colors.

Best Men's Khaki Shorts

Men's khaki shorts and pants have always had a special spot in the closet. Men's shorts come in all shades of khaki, and they're incredibly suitable for the majority of casual and dressier events during summer. You can opt for bright, dark, or neutral khakis and achieve an always-on-trend style that perfectly suits you.

Beacon Hybrid Short in Khaki ($69)

Beacon Hybrid Short in Khaki is a gorgeous 4-way stretch item suitable for almost every outdoor activity. It features a high-quality, quick-dry fabric that allows you to switch from the ocean to the bar seamlessly and without breaking a sweat.

Velocity Hybrid Short in Khaki ($59)

A basic yet evergreen design you see on the Velocity Hybrid Short in Khaki is something you'll love if you find beauty in simplicity. This pair is made from high-quality polyester and cotton blend, which will enhance your comfort and bring an elevated dose of performance and impeccable style.

Adrenaline Hybrid Short in Khaki ($59)

Adrenaline Hybrid Short in Khaki is one of those men's dress shorts convenient for adventurous days and nights that require an equal dose of comfort and style. It features lightweight material, water-resistant technology, 4-way stretch fabric, and design enriched with a unique 7Diamonds signature.

Best Men's Golf Shorts

No matter if you're a professional or amateur golf player, you know that this historic sport comes with a well-thought-out dress code. Apart from polos and a special pair of shoes, you'll need exquisite shorts to hit the course with the high style and elevated comfort. Say no more – here are the best examples of our golf collection.

Venture Hybrid Shorts ($59)

A Venture Hybrid Short is something you need if you want to move seamlessly across the golf course and achieve an impeccably stylish look. This pair is created for recreational activities, and it performs well in the water, land, and sports fields. Choose among tamale, charcoal, and gray to boost your style to the fullest.

Infinity® 9" Chino Short ($89)

A fashion-forward pair of Infinity® 9" Chino Shorts is an ideal choice for all the golfers and tennis players who want to show off some style. It features the Linear Flex® technology fabric, moisture-wicking technology, hidden pockets, and 4-way stretch material that delivers seamless movement and boosts your productivity.

Agility Hybrid Short ($59)

Agility Hybrid Short, as its name says, boosts agility and freedom of movement no matter what sport you play. Apart from elevated comfort and breathability, this item provides a high style and fashion-forward look that won't go unnoticed.
Are you a passionate golfer? If so, explore our golf outfits and play like a true gentleman.

Best Men's Chino Shorts

Chino shorts for men are evergreen garments you can wear to various events held during warm seasons. They are both occasional and casual, which allows you to pair them with polo shirts, T-shirts, long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirts, depending on the event's nature.

Chinos from 7Diamonds collection are made from high-quality Pima cotton with a small amount of stretch, ensuring comfort all day long. Let's look at the most flattering men's chino shorts you can buy at our store:

Infinity® 11" Chino Short ($89)

A ubiquitous Infinity® 11" Chino Short is an ideal pick for a wide variety of summer activities. Thanks to its extremely comfortable, breathable, and 4-way stretch material, you can wear it on the golf course, bar, or beach. Choose your favorite color (black, sage, ecru, dusty blue, true navy) and feel the authentic summer spirit.

Sea Breeze Chino Short ($59)

Sea Breeze Chino Short is the refreshed version of a classic chino short. It's made from the 52% linen and the 48% cotton, which is why it's proudly called "sea breeze." It's more breathable than most of its counterparts, and it's perfect for all the guys that want to take full advantage of hot weather and ocean waves.

Verve Chino Short ($59)

A Verve Chino Short is a perfect pick for those who love unique floral patterns. Faded cotton and a hint of stretch make sure your comfort is at the highest level while boosting your overall look and providing it with a casual style dose. You can choose between two colors – red and navy.

Popular Men's Shorts

Some shorts never go out of style, regardless of the year and fashion tendencies. Therefore, you can choose some of the following models and make sure you always look stylish and handsome:

Aeroplane Hybrid Short ($59)

Aeroplane Hybrid Short is an always-on-trend piece with all the details that make a hybrid short great – 4-way stretch fabric, moisture-wicking technology, quick-dry, water-resistance, and lightweight. You'll love its slate color and the ability to wear it whenever you want.

Wayfarer Hybrid Short ($59)

Wayfarer Hybrid Short has all the features you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. It's made from high-quality and breathable materials that allow seamless transition from sea to land, making sure you're dry and cool. It's available in two shades – deep blue heath and brushed black.

Coronado Hybrid Short ($69)

Add a dose of uniqueness and ocean vibe to your everyday style with a Coronado Hybrid Short. Light blue and captain blue colors bring the sea spirit to the boring everyday life, and you'll feel fresher and crisper by just looking at it. Imagine how you'll feel by wearing it then!

Trendy Men's Shorts

If you want to follow the latest fashion tendencies, we suggest looking at these two cool men's shorts designs and wearing them during summer 2020.

Dynamic Hybrid Short ($59)

A perfect mixture of comfort and style is found on the Dynamic Hybrid Short, a 4-way stretch stunner that's a must-have in 2020. You can wear it for performing athletic activities, running daily errands, or nights out. It comes in two colors – black and putty.

Existence Hybrid Short ($69)

A wide selection of vivid colors, 4-way stretch, quick-dry, water-resistance, and moisture-wicking feature are some of the amazing details you can find on the Existence Hybrid Short. It's a unique item enriched with high-quality material, the signature 7Diamonds, and versatility that enhances your fashion experience in 2020.

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Shorts for Men

Although shopping for shorts may seem like a usual, everyday activity, there are still some things to have in mind when purchasing the best pair. Here are the 5 tips for buying the best-fitting men's shorts without making a mistake.

1.    Get the Adequate Fite

Here are the two key things to keep in mind when looking for the right fit – width and length. A perfect pair of shorts shouldn't be either too short or too long, but it should end at the bottom of your thigh.

When it comes to the width, make sure you avoid the shorts wider at the bottom than at the top – such a look seems messy and makes your leg look too thin and weak.

2.    Consider the Material

As you could see in the previously mentioned examples, men's shorts come in various materials – cotton, polyester, linen, etc. Make sure you opt for high-quality materials that include moisture-wicking, quick-dry, and water-resistant technologies, and other details you'll find convenient at a given time.

3.    Pay Attention to the Color

Choose the color of your shorts wisely. You'll want to have something you can match with the rest of your clothes and wear for various occasions – that said, khaki, navy, black, or white are always welcome.
If you want a bolder and more joyful look, you can pick floral patterns or more vibrant shades such as pink or red but avoid wearing them for some dressier events.

4.    Count the Pocketse

Pockets are an essential part of your shorts, especially if you need them for climbing, camping, and other activities for which you need to carry your belongings. Our Infinity® shorts collection is similar to timeless cargo shorts, which have numerous pockets suitable for keeping your stuff safe while spending your time in nature.

5.    Follow the Trends

Some styles that were popular last year may not be adequate now. That said, consider actual trends before buying a pair of shorts, and wear them with confidence and style.