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Neutral Color Fashion for Men: 6 Great Outfits to Wear in 2021

Colors are an essential part of the fashion concept, and their role is even more prominent in men’s fashion. Most gentlemen tend to stick to a so-called minimalistic wardrobe, which abounds in neutral coloured clothing and earthy tones you can use to create a wide variety of combinations and outfits.

Neutral coulored clothing used to be the supporting act, but its role has changed over time. They are taking center stage now, meaning that you won’t go wrong with sticking to a white tee and beige chinos or pairing up the same shade. In fact, you’ll achieve a stylish look inspired by the ultimate fashion trends.

Let’s learn more about neutral fashion and see the 6 best neutral outfits worth considering.

6 Fashion-Forward Ways of Embracing Neutral Outfits

The most common misconception about neutral colours fashion is that it includes only the shades of off-white. However, neutral outfits can be composed of black, gray, white, and earth tones such as beige, khaki, or olive.

The term neutral refers to all the colors that work well together, providing an excellent foundation for adding layers of pops of colors. Neutral color outfits are suitable for any occasion and time of the year, and the best of all, they fit anyone.

Neutral outfits can be worn in many different ways, including the following:

Neutral Outfits: All-Black

An all-black ensemble is an always-on-trend solution convenient for an array of occasions. Apart from being exceptionally versatile and stylish, all-black outfits are pretty slimming and easy.

If you want to stick with some darker options, we suggest you start with a leather jacket over a pair of chinos and a dark gray T-shirt. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you are ready to switch to some more adventurous options, such as black joggers and a great bomber.

neutral colors fashion
You can consider all-black outfits even for some smarter events – a black shirt paired with a black suit or separates in charcoal is a marvelous combination that enhances any look. If you find it too dark, don’t hesitate to add some patterns to provide your look with some contrast.

Our Pick: The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket + The Infinity® Chino Pant in Asphalt + Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt in Sand

Boost your athletic performance with this marvelous combination, which provides excellent contrast and helps you stick to the neutral fashion. Each item delivers a superb dose of breathability and comfort, allowing you to experience elevated freedom of movement, for which is famous our innovative Infinity® collection.
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Neutral Outfits: Beige Tones

You may hear that many men find beige pretty dull. However, it is not true. When paired with some unique and bombastic items, beige can become quite prominent. That said, it allows you to create ultra-modern neutral color outfits that attract attention while being entirely subtle.
Neutral Outfits Beige Tones
With adequate items in beige, you can craft stellar outfits year-round. Opt for linen material during summer (and create a fabulous summer wedding attire) and consider corduroy as a part of your winter apparel. Of course, you can always choose materials convenient for all the seasons.

Our Pick: The Ultimate Pant in Light Grey + Moon Hop Short Sleeve Shirt in Dusty Rose

Whenever in doubt, consider The Ultimate Pant in Light Gray and a Moon Hop Short Sleeve Shirt in Dusty Rose. These neutral colours clothes are fantastic options for late summer and early fall when you can still catch some sunshine.

Both items are incredibly versatile, allowing you to create a wide variety of classic outfits that will make a statement. Apart from looking very stylish, you’ll feel an increased dose of comfort, fit, and freedom of movement wherever you are.

Neutral Outfits: Light-Colored Separates

Dressy events no longer require classic suites that used to be popular earlier. During the past decade, they have been replaced with tailored separates – the best way to embrace a smart casual outfit.
Neutral Outfits Light-Colored Separates
Suppose you prefer a less formal style and want to go for something in line with urban men's fashion. In that case, we suggest you pick a tee instead of the shirt, chinos and blazer instead of a classic suit, and embrace the colors such as tan, white, beige, or some darker options, including charcoal and navy.

Our Pick: Dunes 4-Way Stretch Blazer + The Infinity® Chino Pant in Black + Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt in Concrete

Boost your semi-formal attire with these marvelous neutral color clothes that reflect a refined style and a whole new level of comfort. This fabulous outfit is suitable for weddings, cocktail parties, business events, and similar occasions where you want to achieve an effortlessly chic look.

Neutral Outfits: Earthy-Toned Pieces

You cannot go wrong with timeless earthy colors. This popular color palette is one of the most versatile options a man can have, allowing you to choose from khaki, sand, russet, navy, burgundy, brown, green, yellow, and similar tones derived from nature.

Thanks to their neutral appearance, earth tones are excellent for layering, especially during colder seasons when nature becomes slightly darker. Earth colors are go-to for everything – from the office to casual brunches and nights out.

Neutral Outfits Earthy-Toned Pieces
You can use earth tones to create an array of outfits reflecting either contemporary or traditional style.

Our Pick: The Infinity® Jogger in Olive

When mindful innovation meets comfort, then The Infinity® Jogger in Olive arises. It will make you feel at home wherever you are, ensuring maximum comfort and street style that won’t go unnoticed. These joggers are suitable for athletic purposes, urban style, and even the moments when all you want to do is lounging around.

The Infinity® joggers provide seamless freedom of movement and ultra-modern design that never goes out of style. They are available in six earthy-toned colors – navy, olive, black, charcoal, ecru, and stone blue.

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Neutral Outfits: All-White

All-white outfits don’t refer only to the off-white color. In fact, you are encouraged to experiment with ivory, cream, ecru, and cream tones to prevent a so-called washed-out appearance but to achieve a clean, polished, and fashion-forward look.
Neutral Outfits: All-White
Cream polos, long-sleeve tees and shirts, or a knitted T-shirt are some of the go-to options when embracing all-white, and they are suitable for either day or night settings. You can pair your white pieces with some darker items to create a contrast that will contribute to a fabulous and fresh look that stands out.

Our Pick: The Ultimate Polo in Oatmeal + The Infinity® Chino Pant in Sand + The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket in Black

For how much you might like all-white trends, you’ll want to contrast with The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket in Black. This outfit is entirely in line with the evergreen street fashion, but we must admit that it goes a bit beyond the standards – the overall combination reflects the mixture of contemporary style and the fashion tendencies inspired by the ‘90s.

A pair of white sneakers are an excellent addition to these neutral colours clothes, providing the overall style with a touch of polished and refined style.

Neutral Colored Clothes + A Contrast Color
We have already mentioned the importance of creating a great contrast, but we are now talking about something more prominent and unique. Making light neutrals the base of your outfit and adding a contrasting tone, such as orange, will encourage the shades to pop and prevent your look from blending into the background.
Neutral Colored Clothes + A Contrast Color
The trick is to make a minimalistic yet prominent look. Don’t go for too bright colors or shiny motifs but opt for softer tones to add just the right amount of contrast.

Our Pick: Keaton Fleece Hoodie in Navy + The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant in Charcoal + Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt in White

A neutral yet powerful combination of earth tones and marvelously designed items is an excellent pick for any casual occasion – from sports activities to events when you want to achieve an authentic athleisure look.

This is an outstanding example of a fall outfit suitable for everyday demands and days when you want to stand out without leaving the neutral zone. Each of these neutral colours clothing is versatile and stylish, which makes them perfect for creating many different outfits.

5 Essential Benefits of Neutral Colored Clothing

Apart from being critical wardrobe staples, neutrals (black, white, gray, earth tones, and similar) can help you create different outfits that reflect not only your style but also your feelings and personality.

Therefore, let’s mention the most vital benefits of sticking with neutral colored outfits:

1.    Versatility

Versatility is the reason why most gentlemen decide to go for neutrals. They are known for their ability to match a variety of other neutrals and brighter tones, creating fabulous outfits you can wear on different occasions, from everyday demands and work environment to wedding receptions and nights out.

Whether you like darker or lighter tones, you’ll always find what suits you the best and craft an array of creative and neutral-rich outfits whose popularity never fades.

2.    Calming Effects

Colors generally create an emotional reaction, which is even stronger when on clothes. Neutrals have a pretty calming effect, both on the wearer and those around him, and that’s because they are wholly inspired by nature.

3.    You Never Get Bored

You may get bored with striking neon colors, which rarely happens with neutrals. In fact, you can wear your navy sweater over and over again and feel an equal dose of joy like the first time you wore it.

4.    Blending In

Neutrals give you the opportunity to blend into the environment, visually and emotionally. Some gentlemen love blending when they don’t feel like being too prominent, but they’d rather use some camouflage.

5.    Less Prominence

You have fewer chances of being remembered when wearing neutrals. For instance, red or orange jackets are more memorable than the charcoal or olive models, which is why people will probably notice the repetition.