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Top 15 Summer Shirts for Men to Feel a Real Tropical Spirit

All the fun summer stories begin with Hawaiian shirts. Summer shirts are an inevitable piece of hot-weather attire, and apart from boosting your comfort, they bring an elevated dose of style men find handsome and cool.

Men summer shirts come in a wide variety of materials, styles, colors, and patterns, and you can wear them for different events – beaches, bars, night clubs, or some dressier occasions where you want to express some joy and excellent style.

Summer is here, but you still have time to find a perfect button-up that delivers a significant dose of trendiness and tropical spirit. That said, take a look at the 15 summer shirts men have found exceptionally stunning and attractive.

Stylish Summer Shirts for Guys and Where to Find Them: At 7Diamonds

The truth is that you can find summer shirts at almost any online or physical store, but you already know that not all the items come with the same level of quality, comfort, and fit. To narrow your choices, we suggest you take a look at the 15 best summer shirts for men at 7Diamonds; we know you won’t regret it.

Striped Summer Men Shirts

Vertical stripes are a must this summer. However, such a pattern has been popular ever since. The lines tend to draw attention and make you look taller and thinner, which is excellent for guys who haven't had enough time to prepare their bodies for slim-fit shirts.

Summer stripes come in a wide variety of options – narrow stripes, wide stripes, Bengal stripes, or deckchair lines. Let's take a look at the best real-life examples of striped shirts for men.

Future Tides Short Sleeve Shirt ($69)

Meet the Future Tides Short Sleeve Shirt – a summer staple that elevates your style and confidence. Vertical stripes in red, white, and navy represent an authentic boat-inspired look and bring incredible versatility and uniqueness that won't go unnoticed.

San Antonio Rose Camp Shirt ($39.50)

San Antonio Rose Camp Shirt features a traditional yet modern design suitable for both casual and dressier events. It provides a comfortable fit and a bold stripe print that creates various outfits and many unique looks.

Hawaiian & Japanese Pattern Summer Shirts for Men

Hawaiian shirts have always been a popular summer staple due to their lightweight materials and tropical patterns. However, if you want to get a more exciting Kyoto-inspired look, go for Japanese summer shirts that feature more vivid colors and interesting details that will boost your summer experience.

Cosmic Dancer 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79)

If you still prefer floral patterns, the Cosmic Dancer 4-Way Stretch Shirt is a fantastic pick! It's designed to look as if it came from another universe, making sure you feel the same way. It's a perfect choice for hot Hawaiian nights filled with dance and laughter since you’ll be able to move seamlessly and with enhanced freedom.

The Hideaway Short Sleeve Shirt ($79)

Another stunner that deserves to be worn is The Hideaway Short Sleeve Shirt. It brings the breeze of exotic islands and makes sure you feel it. Enhanced breathability and lightweight material are some of the crucial details you’ll love about this item, but we’re sure you will find more as soon as you try it.

Isle of Penumbra Short Sleeve Shirt ($69)

Although the name may indicate the presence of some astronomic and Earthy details, Isle of Penumbra Short Sleeve Shirt features only the ubiquitous flora – flowers, palms, and leaves. You’ll love its versatility and fashion-forward style, which is even more enhanced when you pair the shirt with a chino short.

Five Story Pagoda Camp Shirt ($39.50)

Experience the spirit of the land of the rising sun with the Five Story Pagoda Camp Shirt. Unique oriental details, vibrant colors, loose collar, sleeves, and a smooth rayon fabric bring an elevated dose of bold style, making sure you feel confident and handsome.

Camp Summer Shirts for Men

Camp shirts form an integral part of men's summer essentials. Apart from a smooth and breathable material, which delivers an additional dose of comfort, camp shorts you can buy at 7Diamonds feature vintage, floral, and abstract patterns and prints that elevate any wardrobe with a pop of fashion-forward style.

Journey Man Camp Shirt ($79)

Journey Man Camp Shirt is a handsome short-sleeve button-down made from lightweight and breathable rayon fabric that boosts your comfort and style. It features a unique tropical print that enhances any outfit you decide to wear, making sure you feel relaxed and confident.

Que Sera Camp Shirt ($79)

Boost your handsomeness and emphasize your summer spirit with the Que Sera Camp Shirt. It's a fantastic example of men's summer shirts that never go out of style and provide versatility that allows different outfits suitable for various events. Choose between two colors, natural and black, and pick the one in which you feel more confident.

Floral Shirts for Summer

Shirts with floral patterns have gained popularity lately, and that’s primarily because men have decided to embrace a bit bolder looks that stand out. The floral design is cheerful, colorful, and vibrant, so it's recommended to pair it with more neutral colors rather than other prints. That way, you get a more polished look.

Sky Pilot Short Sleeve Shirt ($39.50)

Spend your night with an elevated dose of style by wearing the Sky Pilot Short Sleeve Shirt. A unique and charming floral print will enhance your overall look and provide it with freshness and ultra-modern flair.

Tuff Gong Short Sleeve Shirt ($69)

Take a closer look at the Tuff Gong Short Sleeve Shirt, a lightweight premium summer shirt that can be your number one choice for casual events, nights out, or backyard barbecue. The unique pattern makes sure your apparel doesn’t go unnoticed, while the 7Diamonds signature elevates the overall style.

Lean On Short Sleeve Shirt ($79)

Lean On Short Sleeve Shirt has a bit different floral pattern than those you typically see on summer shirts (it’s still amazing though). A unique floral print provides a vintage charm and takes this wonderfully tailored button-down to the next level.

Denim-Inspired Summer Shirts for Mene

The evergreen denim has inspired designers to create a bunch of stylish items. That said, you can find a lot of “denim” summer shirts that are much lighter than classic denim but equally stylish and trendy.

Take a closer look at the following denim-inspired shirts from 7Diamonds and get a clearer idea about the shirts’ concept:

Nothings Over Short Sleeve Shirt ($79)

Nothings Over Short Sleeve Shirt is an authentic summer staple that deserves the place on our list. The joyful pineapple detail provides this item with a unique yet subtle tropical touch and allows you to create a wide variety of stylish summer outfits.

Diamond Meadows Short Sleeve Shirt ($79)

Diamond Meadows Short Sleeve Shirt is a neatly tailored summer button down shirt with all the impeccable details that allow seamless movement and enhanced versatility. Apart from innovative and fashion-forward design, this shirt features the highest-quality material (100% cotton) that delivers breathability and freshness at any time.

4-Way Stretch Summer Shirts for Guys

The 4-way stretch fabric represents a perfect mixture of comfort and style, which is why such shirts perform exceptionally well regardless of the occasion. They are moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and represent a great addition to your wardrobe.

Sea Child 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79)

Sea Child 4-Way Stretch Shirt represents an excellent mixture of comfort and style while enhancing the sea spirit and bringing more joy to your everyday life. It features a 4-way stretch material, moisture-wicking technology, and wrinkle-resistance, which makes it suitable for day and night occasions.
American Me 4-Way Stretch Luxseam® Shirt ($89)
If you prefer plain models with no prints or patterns, we suggest you look at the American Me 4-Way Stretch Luxseam® Shirt. This is one of those timeless white summer shirts for men that emphasize your sun-kissed skin and boost your overall summer look. This shirt's uniqueness lies in its Luxseam® technology that provides top-notch comfort and fit, but other details ensure the quality and enjoyable style, as well.

Morning After 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

Morning After 4-Way Stretch Shirt is one of the best long sleeve summer shirts for men that never go out of style. It features a perfect fit, a 4-way stretch fabric, and a stunning combination of comfort and style. It’s suitable for any event, both casual and dressier ones, and it will have you satisfied at any given time.