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6 Best Sweaters for Men + How to Wear a Sweater This Fall and Winter

Speaking of winter staples, we shouldn’t miss mentioning man sweaters. They are an essential part of the fall-winter wardrobe, and they come in way more styles than you can imagine. Besides making you feel cozier and warmer, sweaters are incredibly fashionable. You can pair your favorite pick with polished chino pants, cords, or jeans and get a sharp look you can sport at any time.

The truth is that you can never have too many sweaters. These never-fading garments are an excellent choice for last-minute gatherings and events held during winter since they work perfectly with most items from your closet.

In this article, you’ll find out more about the basic sweater types, styles, and the most fashion-forward ways of wearing them.

5 Most Popular Men’s Sweater Styles

Every season, men’s fashion trends surprise us with new colors, fabrics, patterns, and sweaters that are so trendy that you must own them. You cannot go wrong with investing in a high-quality, durable sweater made from fine materials that enhance softness, comfort and deliver flawless style.

We can find billions of sweaters on the market. Still, instead of buying tons of models that last one season, stick to the “basic” men’s sweater styles that will be on-trend even in 20 years. Here are the five go-to sweater styles worth considering:

1.    Sweater Flannels

Sweater flannels are quintessential pieces you cannot miss this winter. They are smart and super soft, which makes them an ideal layering piece for chillier days. These staples are also great when worn as a single garment, providing you with many styling options that match virtually any setting.

2.    V-Necks

The V-neck is a trendsetting staple for a reason. Due to its absolute versatility, you can use it to create numerous styles convenient for different types of affairs – from casual to those that require smarter moves.

Get a slim-fit model made from merino wool, wear it over a shirt or tie (or under a suit), and get a look suitable for smart-casual weddings, ceremonies, or business settings. Those who prefer urban and casual flair can style V-neck with jeans and chukka boots to embrace men’s classic fashion.

Axe Sweater Flannel

3.    Crew Neck

Unlike V-necks, crew necks feature round collars that fit closely to the necks. Still, they have many things in common, including versatility and a never-fading vibe. Crew necks come in a plethora of styles, fabrics, weights, and colors, meaning that you can have dozens of models you can dress up or down. If you want to keep things casual, opt for crew necks that hang loosely around your neck.

4.    Cardigans

Cardigans are among the most popular men’s sweater styles. They are comfy and incredibly stylish, allowing you to create different outfits that reflect sharpness and masculinity. Cardigans come in a wide variety of materials, designs, and patterns, which makes them suitable for any gentleman who wants to enhance his style.

A shawl-collar cardigan is one of this bad boy's most popular styles, and men love it for its softness, versatility, and eternally in-style design.

5.    Turtlenecks

Although they have not been at the center of events during the past two decades, turtlenecks are back in fashion. They are an excellent way to sport an elegant and masculine look inspired by the 007 movies.

Men can look very dapper in turtlenecks layered under a jacket or coat. Choosing to wear a turtleneck is quite a bold and fashion-forward choice that won’t go unnoticed – get ready to receive lots of compliments the first time you wear one!

You can also find a variety of formal sweaters, smart casual, and casual sweater models.

6 Best Sweaters for Men to Wear in 2020/2021

Now that you are familiar with the most popular men's sweaters let's move on to the six best pieces that you can rock this fall and winter.

1.    Railay Beach Knit Sweater ($89)

A Railay Beach Knit Sweater is an ideal addition to your fall-winter wardrobe. This polished crewneck is soft, stretchy, and breathable, which makes it great for chilly and busy days you must spend outside. Wear it with always on-trend chinos to upgrade your style and boost your comfort.

Our fashion advice: Railay Beach Knit Sweater + The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant in Ecru

We suggest you pair this great men's sweater with the dashing Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant in Ecru. You’ll be enchanted by contemporary flair, the most durable quality, and wearable soft fabric brought by the overall look. Such a style suits everyone from the most active to the most fashionable person in the world.

Railay Beach Knit Sweater

2.    Yosemite Knit Zip Sweater ($99)

Upgrade your style with a Yosemite Knit Zip Sweater, a cozy, chunky piece that takes all your outfits to another level. It is made from incredibly soft fabric with side pockets, which enhance its overall comfort and practicality. Thanks to the full zip detail, this sweater is an excellent layering piece you need when the temperature drops.

Our fashion advice: Yosemite Knit Zip Sweater + Eagle Performance Pima Polo + The Infinity® Chino Pant in Asphalt

The best way to wear a Yosemite Knit Zip Sweater is by adding it to a fashion-forward outfit created from the Eagle Performance Pima Polo and The Infinity® Chino Pant in Asphalt.  The overall apparel reflects a refined taste, following the newest fashion tendencies and tends – therefore, it is an excellent choice for any gentleman who wants to look nifty in mild temperatures.

Yosemite Knit Zip Sweater

3.    North Star Sweater Flannel ($119)

Inject some colors into your fall outfit with a fantastic North Star Sweater Flannel in dusty rose. A super-soft, stretch, and unique fabric blend provides all-day comfort vibes, whether you wear it alone or as a layering piece. We're talking about a year-round item suitable for a wide range of occasions where you need an equal dose of comfort and charm.

Our fashion advice: North Start Sweater Flannel + Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt + Infinity® 11” Chino Short

Style this cool men’s sweater with an essential Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt and Infinity 11” Chino Short to get apparel that won’t go unnoticed. You’ll be provided with a significant touch of style, comfort, freedom of movement, and breathability necessary for warm and busy days. Replace the shorts with a pair of Infinity® pants when temperatures go down.

North Star Sweater Flannel

4.    Atlas Sweater Flannel Shirt Jacket ($119)

Once you wear a cozy Atlas Sweater Flannel Shirt Jacket, you won’t want to take it off. Available in two neutral color options – taupe and burgundy – this attractive men's sweater can complete any outfit that comes to your mind while providing you with an extra dose of coziness throughout the year.

Our fashion advice: Atlas Sweater Flannel Shirt Jacket + Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt + Clifton Corduroy Pant in Bordeaux

With Atlas Sweater Flannel Shirt Jacket, an Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt, and Clifton Corduroy Pant in Bordeaux, you’ll achieve an effortlessly chic look suitable for various occasions. This is exceptional apparel for chilly days when you crave breathability, freedom of movement, and a touch of classic flair that can take you anywhere.

5.    Axe Sweater Flannel ($119)

The Axe Sweater Flannel is one of the best men’s sweaters you can take anywhere with you. Featuring a gentle, super-stretch fabric blend and never-fading vibe, this fantastic piece will soon become your go-to choice for all kinds of settings. Its absolute versatility allows you to create diverse styles  – from casual to dressy ones.

Our fashion advice: Axe Sweater Flannel + Rose Garden 4-Way Stretch Shirt + The Infinity® Chino Pant in Navy

Stay comfortable and relaxed while wearing a flawless combination of the Axe Sweater Flannel, Rose Garden 4-Way Stretch Shirt, and The Infinity® Chino Pant in Navy. This outfit is convenient whenever you want a neat and polished look according to the latest fashion trends. You can add accessories, such as sunglasses and a watch, to upgrade your overall style and make it sharper and more fashion-forward.

6.    Dawnbreak Sweater Flannel ($119)

Speaking of trendy men’s sweaters, we shouldn’t fail to mention the Dawnbreak Sweater Flannel. It can be worn as either a smart or a casual sweater, regardless of the color that you choose. It is available in gray, charcoal, and navy, and each of them is so versatile that you can come up with tons of outfit ideas that work.

Our fashion advice: Dawnbreak Sweater Flannel + Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt + The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant in Black

Create the most fabulous look in less than five minutes with the Dawnbreak Sweater Flannel, Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt, and The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant in Black. This cool, casual sweater outfit is suitable for everyday demands and nights out while also being a real business-friendly choice. Each staple features an impressive dose of breathability and comfort, allowing you to face any challenge throughout the day.
Dawnbreak Sweater Flannel