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A Complete Guide to Business Attire for Men (12 Best Examples)

Not all the jobs come with the same dress code, but most of them require you to wear something appropriate and in line with the workplace’s general rules. That said, there are many different types of business attire men can wear with confidence and style even when they work – of course, their choice will depend mostly on the office’s setting.

This article will present you with the 12 office attire suitable for all types of offices, including casual, professional, smart, and other styles men can wear at any time.

What is Business Attire?

Business attire is defined as the clothing that you wear in professional settings – the office, a job interview, or a meeting. Business attire is quite individual, which means that not every office follows the same standards regarding the dress code their employees should stick to. That said, your options may range from business casual, business professional, or even business formal.

Business Casual Attire for Men

The most common business attire is business casual. It’s worn in most business settings, but it can also be a convenient solution for other occasions outside of work. If you work in an informal office, you can wear T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers without worrying about whether you’re dressed appropriately. However, you should avoid too casual wear when meeting clients or interviewing job candidates.

You may want to consider the following items:
Let’s take a look at some business casual attire for men:

Life in the City Short Sleeve Shirt in Black

Offices can be tough during the summer, which is why you should embrace a Life in the City Short Sleeve Shirt in Black ($69) and provide yourself with an extra dose of comfort and style. Pair this shirt with pants or chino shorts to get a trendy and timeless business casual attire for men.

Isle of Penumbra Short-Sleeve Shirt + Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant + Masa 4-Way Stretch Blazer

An excellent business attire to consider at any time consists of the Isle of Penumbra Short-Sleeve Shirt ($69), Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant ($99), and Masa 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195).

This outfit is convenient for the office setting that goes between the casual and professional style, and it's a great way to enhance your comfort while looking quite handsome. Pair it with sneakers to embrace true casual office attire.
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Another Dimension 4-Way Stretch Shirt + The Infinity Pant

The best way to boost your confidence and style is to wear high-quality items that provide the right amount of stretch, shape retention, and style. That said, we suggest you take a look at the top-class business attire that consists of the Another Dimension 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79) and The Infinity Pant in True Navy ($125).

Smart Casual Business Attire for Men

Another form of casual business attire for men is a smart casual style. It features a casual dress code enhanced by some trendier pieces, and it's appropriate for more flexible offices that allow their employees to dress informally. You may consider sports jackets, ties, khakis, polos, button-down shirts, boots, dress shoes, sneakers, and belts for achieving a smart casual business look.

The Sedona Sweater + Between Tides 4-Way Stretch Shirt + Clifton Corduroy Pant in Bordeaux

Enhance your smart casual business style by wearing a sweater, Between Tides 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($89), and Clifton Corduroy Pant in Bordeaux ($88). This is also an entirely professional attire for men, and it’s suitable for offices with a semi-formal setting. The overall outfit is quite versatile, and you can wear it at any time.

Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Shirt + Carleton 4-Way Stretch Blazer + Parker Performance Chino Pant

To embrace a classy business outfit suitable for every office setting, go for a Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99), Carleton 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195), and Parker Performance Chino Pant ($99). It's convenient for the office, interviews, meetings, and even business dinners with clients or colleagues.
Modular Mix Short-Sleeve Shirt + Bandon Blazer + Clifton Sateen Pant
An extravagant yet relaxed look convenient for almost every office includes a Modular Mix Short-Sleeve Shirt ($79), Bandon Blazer ($195), and Clifton Sateen Pant ($88). Every piece of the overall outfit is designed to fit every business setting, and each of them is versatile and suitable for pairing with different items – that said, you can create a variety of business attire men can wear with an elevated dose of comfort and style.
Business Professional Attire Men Will Wear with Style
Unlike casual business outfits, which allow different variations in style, business professional men attire is stricter. It's more present in industries such as banking, accounting, government, finance, or the law. Business professional men style should be well-fitted and clean.

The best way to embrace a professional business style is to wear a dark-colored suit (or pants and blazer), a button-down shirt, and a tie. You should go for a white or light-blue button-down shirt and avoid bright colors and alluring patterns. Such attire can be nicely paired with oxford or loafer shoes and a belt.
Voyage Slim Fit Chino Pant + Peace Train Long-Sleeve Shirt + Carmel 4-Way Stretch Blazer
Here comes an authentic business professional attire men find incredibly sophisticated. A timeless Peace Train Long-Sleeve Shirt ($89) paired with classy Voyage Slim Fit Chino Pants ($79) and Carmel 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195) is an excellent example on how a man in finance or similar industry should look on his way to the office.
Lean On Short-Sleeve Shirt + Solano 4-Way Stretch Blazer
A professional business attire enhanced by a touch of trendy details is always welcome at the office. Therefore, don’t hesitate to go for a Lean On Short-Sleeve Shirt ($79) and Solano 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195). It will provide you with a polished look suitable for any workplace and make sure you feel comfortable in it even if you spend an entire day working.

Clifton Pants in Different Colors

If you don’t prefer suits, Clifton pants in different colors may be the right choice for you. A pair of Clifton pants can significantly enhance your men business attire and provide it with a dose of casual elegance. Pair them with a monochromatic or subtly patterned button-down shirt, and you'll get the look suitable for both office and after-work beers with friends or colleagues.

Work from Home Attire for Men

Even if you work from home, you need to be adequately dressed in order to boost your productivity and take your tasks more seriously. Work from home attire for men should be comfortable but still professional – when you dress up as if you were going to the office, you’ll feel more ready to embrace your duties and complete your work-related tasks more successfully.

Have a look at the following work-from-home business formal men attire that will help you stay comfy, professional, and productive at the same time.

IQONICQ SUPIMA® T-Shirt + INFINITY® Chino Short + Carleton 4-Way Stretch Blazer

Zoom meetings are more popular than ever, and you need to make sure you look classy as you talk to your clients, students, co-workers, or boss. That said, you should wear something like an IQONICQ SUPIMA® T-Shirt ($39) and Carleton 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195). You’ll look quite professional and classy while feeling extremely comfortable. To take your comfort to the next level, make sure you wear an INFINITY® Chino Short ($89).
Mulholland Drive SUPIMA® Hoodie + Carmel 4-Way Stretch Blazer + The Ultimate Pant
To keep your casual style while working at your home office, we suggest you take a look at Mulholland Drive SUPIMA® Hoodie ($89), Carmel 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($88), and The Ultimate Pant ($88). You’ll feel quite comfy and ready to embrace your tasks with confidence and style. This outfit is suitable for working from home primarily because it’s based on everyday items in which most men feel great; besides, it’s quite stylish.

T-Shirt + Black Chino Pants

No matter if you work from home or the office, you won't go wrong with a T-shirt and comfy black pants. Such an outfit will provide you with a significant dose of comfort and good feeling, which is crucial for doing your job efficiently. And guess what? You can purchase the look at 7 Diamonds!
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