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Men’s Casual Wear: 19 Staples to Boost Your Comfort & Style in 2020

Casual attire is a man’s best friend. Apart from bringing an elevated dose of comfort and good feeling, such outfits are timeless and often quite stylish. Their major benefit lies in their versatility and ability to wear them for different occasions and purposes – from casual beer nights in the bar to the office.

Still, creating stunning everyday wear is not the easiest task you can imagine. It's not only about picking a great T-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, polo, a stylish pair of pants and footwear; it's about putting it together and creating a fantastic outfit that suits you perfectly. You see? It requires more effort than the occasional apparel with suit and tie.

To help you tailor ideal casual outfits for men, we have prepared a list of the 19 best items you can purchase at 7Diamonds and step into summer 2020 with high style.

Casual Outfits for Men: What to Have in Mind?

Casual wear has always been popular among young gentlemen. Although it started as the UK and America's teenagers' effort to conflict the corporate world's boredom, it soon began to be a part of men's everyday wear.

The most significant benefit of casual wear is that there are no rules. A man can wear anything he finds casual and spend the day while feeling comfortable and looking great. Still, the problem is that most of the men don’t know what to pick in order to keep their look simple and effortless – but we’re here to help.

Let's take a look at 19 casual staples any man should keep in mind.

Casual Outfits for Men: T-Shirts

Humble T-shirts are a definition of simplicity and style, and they can be worn with anything, especially during summer. That said, there is nothing a well-tailored T-shirt can't do.

Go for those made from Supima® cotton or knit material to get the highest level of comfort, breathability, and compelling style. Take a look at the best T-shirt models from our latest collection a pick your favorite(s):

Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt ($39)

Enjoy the superior comfort and handsomeness in Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt, an innovative and fashion-forward item with an enhanced casual spirit dose. You can pair it with a wide range of clothing and create a number of outfits that won't go unnoticed.

Momento Curved Supima® T-Shirt ($39)

Boost your style and express your flattering shape in Momento Curved Supima® T-Shirt. This ubiquitous item allows you to create different casual men outfits suitable for hot summer days. Thanks to its premium Supima® cotton, you’ll feel an increased dose of comfort and breathability, and since it’s tailored perfectly, you’ll look pretty handsome in it.

Anthology Supima® Pocket T-Shirt ($39)

Anthology Supima® Pocket T-Shirt is an excellent choice for those that have an eye for detail. A subtle yet practical pocket offers convenience and visual interest, and it’s a piece that makes this T-shirt unique. This premium Supima® item comes in three colors – carbon, black, and boxwood – pick your favorite and take your casual men’s style to the next level.

Casual Outfits for Men: Polo Shirts

Polo shirts represent one level of formality above the T-shirt, and they’re something every wardrobe desperately needs. Polos are high-quality and durable items that will never go out of style, but it doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money on them.

Here are some of the best polos you can buy at a reasonable price and enjoy their durability and style for a long time:

Walker Performance Modal Polo ($79)

A Walker Performance Modal Polo performs very well. It’s comfortable, stylish, and in line with the latest men’s casual fashion. It comes in four vibrant colors – wild ginger, charcoal, dusty blue, and navy – and each of them will help you express your playful spirit in the best way.

Happier Performance Modal Polo ($79)

Put your smile on and embrace happiness with a Happier Performance Modal Polo. It’s a unique yet ubiquitous piece that can create a variety of casual men’s styles you can wear at any time. It delivers an optimal amount of breathability and comfort, which is essential for warm, breezy days.

Tidal Wave Performance Modal Polo ($79)

Tidal Wave Performance Modal Polo is a classic piece enhanced by a subtle pocket detail. It’s excellent for those who want to take their casual attire to the next level while feeling relaxed like never before. Explore a wide range of colors – navy, charcoal, light blue, grape, and stone rose – and pick the one that speaks for your personality and style.

Casual Outfits for Men: Long-Sleeve and Short-Sleeve Shirts

Some more occasional events may require something sharper but still casual. Swap your T-shirt for a casual long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirt made from lightweight materials and enhanced by a printed style that helps you achieve a high level of laid-back sophistication.

Let’s take a look at the most representative casual shirt models from our collection:

Brushstroke 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79)

Brushstroke 4-Way Stretch Shirt is a real casual summer staple any man will find compelling. It’s a perfect button-up that consists of the right mixture of comfort and style, featuring 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking technology, wrinkle-resistance, and above all, versatility. It can be an ideal pick for both day and night events.

Kahuna Sunset 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79)

A casual and stylish Kahuna Sunset 4-Way Stretch Shirt is an excellent new addition to your wardrobe. Its floral pattern makes it excellent for beach parties, summer hangouts, and any event where you want to put comfort first. This short-sleeved shirt is ideal for bolder guys who are not afraid of showing off their young, wild spirit and enjoying life to the fullest.

House of Love 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79)

House of Love 4-Way Stretch Shirt is truly love at first sight. Its soft material, eye-catching pattern, and light blue color make it suitable for various events, allowing you to wear it with any garment and create marvelous men casual outfits that will stand out.

Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Seamless Shirt ($99)

If you’re fond of simplicity and an evergreen monochromatic design, the Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Seamless Shirt is quite an adequate pick. It features a Luxseam® technology that provides the best tailored fit and comfort, making sure you have more than enough freedom of movement, softness, and all-way stretch.

Casual Outfits for Men: Chino Pants

Chinos are an excellent way of boosting your casual style with a dose of smart touch. Invest in a great pair of chino pants and enjoy their versatility and always-on-trend design while feeling incredibly comfortable and relaxed.

We suggest you go for khaki, navy, or beige color since these are the most versatile options you can easily match with polos, shirts, or T-shirts. You can choose chinos for occasions that come with the smart casual and business casual dress codes.

The Infinity® Chino Pant ($125)

Step into the world of infinite fun and joy with The Infinity® Chino Pant in Gray. It features a high-quality 4-way stretch material and unique design enhanced by the revolutionary Luxseam® fabric that brings an extra dose of style, comfort, and performance. Pick your favorite color – black, asphalt, sand, navy, and gray – and get ready to rock!

Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant in Navy ($98)

If you’re looking for something slightly better than regular chinos, consider Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pants in Navy. They come with subtle print detailing, gentle stretch fabric, and two versatile yet unique color options (navy and toffee) you can pair with a wide variety of pieces.

Parker Performance Chino Pant in Palm ($99)

Parker Performance Chino Pant in Palm is more than convenient for those that love traditional chinos optimized with a bit of contemporary touch. Clean lines, classic styling, five-pocket detailing, and enhanced versatility are the details that make this pair unique and suitable for wearing for most of the events.

Casual Outfits for Men: Shorts

Shorts can create perfect casual looks for guys, but you still need to consider the climate and the occasion’s nature before considering them as an option. It’s always better to choose a high-quality and durable piece that fits you well – for example:

Coronado Hybrid Short in Captain Blue ($69)

Ay, ay, Captain! Sail in Coronado Hybrid Short in Captain Blue and feel the true ocean vibe with a significant dose of style. It features a 4-way stretch fabric and a unique 7DIAMONDS signature, but its primary benefit includes quick-dry material, which is why these shorts perform well in water as they do on land.

Infinity® 9” Chino Short ($89)

A fashion-forward Infinity® 9” Chino Short features a high-end Linear Flex® technology fabric, a back pocket hidden zipper on the front, and enhanced versatility that allows you to achieve many different men’s outfits for every day.

Infinity® 11” Chino Short ($89)

Experience a whole new level of style with the Infinity® 11” Chino Short. It features two back snap pockets and a sleek side front zipper that keeps your belongings safe and secure. Moisture-wicking technology will keep you dry no matter where you are; that said, it can be a part of your golf attire, beach attire, or going out apparel.

Knitwear, Hoodies & Jackets

Mens fashion, notably casual, is not complete without knitwear, hoodies, and jackets. Such pieces of clothes are an essential part of men’s everyday wear since they bring a significant dose of comfort and good looking. They’re versatile and stylish, and you can wear them throughout the year.

Shasta Knit Pullover Hoodie ($89)

A piece such as Shasta Knit Pullover Hoodie is a must. It features a classic cable knit that brings texture and pattern to its overall design, styled for casual versatility. Stand collar and quarter-zip dealing are the details that make this item unique yet appropriate for various kinds of non-formal occasions. It comes in two colors – navy and natural – and both of them are incredibly fashion-forward.

The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

Meet another gem from our Infinity® collection – The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket designed specifically to keep you feeling good while running or walking around town. Its well-thought-out design consists of hidden pockets and 4-way stretch material, which brings an additional dose of breathability and style, making sure you stay effortlessly cool and productive.

Mulholland Drive Supima® Hoodie ($66.75)

A high-quality hoodie is an essential part of men’s casual style. A Mulholland Drive Supima® Hoodie, for example. It provides easy style and movement thanks to its superior cotton material, and its multi-seamed sleeves enhance mobility and deliver quite a distinguished look.