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Classic Men’s Style: 10 Essential Tips for Dressing Like Gentleman

When you reach a certain age, fashion becomes one of the ideas that start to concern you. Clothing plays a significant role in making an excellent first impression on other people, including your future bosses or other influential persons.

Although there are various styles suitable for different occasions, you can never go wrong with men’s classic style. A classic style encompasses some wardrobe staples any man should have, and the best thing about these pieces is that they never go out of style.

We have prepared the ultimate guide to a timeless style for men, including the 10 essential tips for picking the right stuff flawlessly.

Classic Clothes for Men: What to Look for?

When men decide to change their style and go for something more fashion-forward, they often don't know where to start. We understand your concern. It is not that easy to switch to another style, especially if you’re not sure what pieces to consider.

Men’s classic style consists of versatile, timeless, and always-on-trend items found at any wardrobe – blazers, T-shirts, polos, button-downs, denim, khakis and chinos, etc. These items are easy to style, and you can wear them at practically any time.

Here are the 10 fundamental tips for choosing classic men’s clothes and pairing them with other garments efficiently.

1.    Buy a White Button-Down Shirt

A high-quality white shirt (also called an oxford or button-down) is a must. It’s a convenient choice for all types of formal and semi-formal events, and you can wear it for everything from professional wear to church. It can be nicely paired with a wide variety of colors such as navy, khaki, gray, etc.

Make sure your shirt is perfectly tailored – otherwise, it will look unpolished and oversized. You should be able to move your arms, shoulders, and elbows seamlessly, which means you shouldn't go for a too-tight model.

Take a look at the following models that might be your cup of tea:

Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Luxeseam® Shirt ($99)

Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Luxeseam® Shirt is perfectly designed to give you the best tailored fit and comfort. You'll feel an elevated dose of style and breathability thanks to the high-quality materials and sewing techniques that eliminate any fit issues. Freedom of movement, extra softness, all-way stretch, and moisture-wicking technology are things you'll love about this timeless piece.

Peace Train Long Sleeve Shirt ($89)

Take your style to the next level with the Peace Train Long Sleeve Shirt. It’s made from the highest-quality cotton embellished with a unique 7Diamonds signature that delivers an extra dose of sophistication to your overall look.
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2.    Boost Your Classic Men Style with a Blue Blazer

A blue or navy blazer is something that truly extends your wardrobe. A classic blazer in blue tones can be paired with lighter pants for business casual wear, and you can always wear it with a basic T-shirt for a casual look.

To look fantastic in a blazer, you need to make sure it suits your body type correctly. When choosing the best model, find one that fits in the arms and shoulders at least to your wrist bone, but no longer than the base of the thumb.

The following models may be just right for you:

Blake 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

A Blake 4-Way Stretch Blazer is a richly designed staple made with special attention to detail. This trim-fitting sports coat will polish up your look and allow you to create a wide variety of timeless styles that won't go unnoticed.

Glenn 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

A Glenn 4-Way Stretch Blazer is a real stunner in line with a timeless men’s fashion. It will enhance your overall look and provide it with a significant touch of sophistication and chic elegance.

3.    Don’t Underestimate the Power of Chino Pants

Chino pants have always been a part of men’s classic casual style. They are an authentic example of the classic style that meets the contemporary demands – they ensure maximum comfort and breathability while keeping it fresh and stylish with all the details they have.

Men’s chinos come in a wide variety of colors, fits (slim fit and straight fit), and styles. They elevate your look and keep a clean appearance with a stylish composure.

The Infinity® Chino Pant in Gray ($125)

As its name says, The Infinity® Chino Pant in Gray reflects the infinite and always-on-trend style that’s flawless. These 4-way stretch pants are uniquely designed, featuring the revolutionary Luxeseam® fabric that boosts style, comfort, and performance.

Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant in Toffee ($98)

Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant in Toffee is something like regular chinos, only way better. It features subtle print detailing, gentle stretch fabric, two different color options (toffee and navy), and other details created with versatility in mind.

Aiden 4-Way Stretch Chino Pant in Asphalt ($99)

Thanks to the innovative 4-way stretch fabric and impeccable design, Aiden 4-Way Stretch Chino Pant in Asphalt represents a classic and the most comfortable pair of pants ever made. It delivers a high dose of style, comfort, and performance, making sure you always look handsome.

Parker Performance Chino Pant in Black ($99)

Parker Performance Chino Pant in Black is an optimized pair of chinos with an elevated dose of comfort and style. Apart from being beautifully designed, these pants perform very well – they have clean lines, classic styling, five-pockets detailing, and other features that make them ideal for everyday wear and even some dressier events.

4.    Wear Timeless Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are crisp and classic items that you can wear practically anywhere – from casual hangouts to weekend dinners. A high-quality polo provides the comfort and breathability you need, making sure you look fresh and polished regardless of the demands your day throws at you.

Happier Performance Modal Polo ($79)

Happier Performance Modal Polo is a well-performing and stylish piece that enhances your overall look and provides a touch of freshness and an optimal comfort level throughout the day. Pick your favorite shades and add some contrast to your outfit.

Foster Performance Modal Polo ($79)

Foster Performance Modal Polo is another stunner that will boost your style and comfort levels. It comes in a wide variety of vibrant and more subtle tones, and its timeless design ensures handsomeness and readiness to embrace any occasion.

The Ultimate Polo ($29.50)

The Ultimate Polo is made from the premium cotton with a slight stretch, making it convenient for everyday demands. It features the contrast edges and the unique signature 7Diamonds that delivers equal levels of comfort and style.

5.    Enrich Your Wardrobe with Classic T-Shirts

T-shirts are classic yet stylish items suitable for everyday activities and casual evening hangouts. Best-quality tees provide a significant dose of breathability and comfort while creating fashion-forward outfits that won't go unnoticed.

Our T-shirts are made from premium Pima and Supima® cotton that ensures freshness and a crisp look at any time of the day. Let’s see the most prominent models from our collection:

Momento Curved Supima® T-Shirt ($39)

Momento Curved Supima® T-Shirt is a stylish piece made from premium Supima® cotton that ensures superior comfort. It's available in eight unique colors that will elevate your overall look and provide it with a dose of casual elegance.

Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt

Every guy needs the Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt in his closet. Such a tee is the most versatile player that provides a high dose of breathability, comfort, and effortless style. Pair it with any garment that comes to your mind and create a bunch of styles suitable for different occasions.
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6.    Step into Summer with the Best-Quality Shorts

A good pair of shorts is suitable for every occasion, from vacations to country clubs. Shorts are essential for hot days at the beach, nights out, and practically any other activity that requires the same level of breathability and style.

Void Hybrid Short ($69)

Void Hybrid Short is a classic piece you can wear from sea to land without being worried about potential inconveniences. This pair performs well for all of your athletic needs, moisture-wicking, and made from eco-friendly fabric. Its quick-dry technology will repel any water and sweat, allowing you to transition seamlessly from the beach to the club.

Infinity® 9" Chino Short ($89)

Infinity® 9" Chino Short is a fashion-forward pair designed with a back pocket hidden zipper, and two stylish front pockets where you can keep your belongings. It’s highly versatile, functional, and trendy, which is why you’ll love it.

Infinity® 11" Chino Short ($89)

A classic Infinity® 11" Chino Short is an absolutely fantastic piece that deserves a special spot in your closet. The moisture-wicking technique will keep you cool and fresh even after a long day spent outside. It's convenient for any activity that comes to your mind – from the bar to the golf course.

7.    Elevate Your Classic Man Look with Denim Jackets

Denim has been a wardrobe staple since forever, no matter if it comes in the form of jeans, shorts, or jackets. Denim jackets are timeless and versatile, which means that you can wear them for almost any casual occasion. A denim jacket will take your overall look to the next level and ensure your style is completely in line with the classic men’s fashion.

The Denim Jacket ($69.30)

A classic Denim Jacket from 7D collection is a real gem. It's designed with a timeless cool-weather Americana look that never goes out of style, allowing you to choose among four amazing and evergreen shades – black rinse, light wash, medium wash, and charcoal.

Meant to Be Sherpa Denim Jacket ($69.30)

A unique Sherpa detail significantly enhances this marvelous piece of outerwear. Meant to Be Sherpa Denim Jacket is a classic model that will take any outfit to the next level, especially during the cloudy and rainy fall season.

8.    Get the Best Lightweight Jackets

Lightweight jackets are another crucial part of the timeless men's fashion. These jackets are incredibly convenient for summer and warmer weather in general. They are comfortable, but they're also stylish and excellent for pairing with a wide variety of tees, pants, or shorts.

The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket is specifically designed to keep you fresh while running around town. A well-thought-out design and premium 4-way stretch make sure you're comfortable and sweat-free even after the busiest day of the week.

9.    Embrace Sweaters

Sweaters are an essential part of the men's wardrobe, and you need to make sure you always have one. Sweaters come in different designs and patterns, and they are efficient for creating both casual and smart business looks. For example:

Shasta Knit Pullover Hoodie ($89)

Shasta Knit Pullover Hoodie is an ultra-modern sweater styled for casual versatility. A classic cable knit brings texture and pattern to a cotton-blend material, while stand collar and quarter zip detailing elevate your style and comfort.

Grand Teton Knit Zip Sweater ($99)

Make Grand Teton Knit Zip Sweater a part of your classic wardrobe and get ready to experience a touch of haute couture. This staple comes in two color options – taupe and slate – and both are suitable for achieving casual versatility that never goes out of style.

10.    Invest in a Good Hoodie

Men love hoodies. They are among the most comfortable and versatile pieces you have in your closet, and you can wear them throughout the year. Hoodies are suitable for athletic activities, but they can also be convenient for hangouts, camping, or casual friend gatherings.

Mulholland Drive Supima® Hoodie ($49.50)

Mulholland Drive Supima® Hoodie delivers effortless style and easy movement thanks to its superior stretch-cotton material and multi seamed sleeves that enhance mobility and distinguish the look.