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How to Wear Chinos + 8 Outstanding Chino Outfits for Gentlemen with Style

Speaking of the most versatile items in the men’s wardrobe, we must mention chinos. The fact that they are less casual than denim jeans but not as smart as trousers or dress pants makes them convenient for many occasions with different formality levels.

Chinos are a go-to choice whenever you want something easy and neutral. Apart from being easy to swap in as a substitute, chino pants provide your overall style with a significant dose of classiness and sophistication. Hence, you can count on them whenever you want to kill the boredom and seize the opportunity to look sharp and polished.

Think of chinos as the most unique yet most versatile player in your closet – they are easy enough to be dressed up or down, and they never go out of style! Let’s dive into the best chino outfits to inspire you to boost your style with this fabulous item.

What are Chinos?

Chino pants (or chinos) are a specific pair of trousers that originates from the American military. Although they have kept the original idea, chinos have evolved into a lightweight, neither casual nor dressy pants convenient for an array of occasions.

They were initially made from 100% cotton, but modern times have influenced the primary idea. Today, they are commonly made from a synthetic cotton blend or twill fabric. Chinos are available in different colors, but earth-toned shades, such as khaki, navy, olive, gray, burgundy, etc. are prevalent.

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Although the terms chinos and khakis are often used interchangeably, you should know that this is not a good practice. Unlike chino, which describes the type of pants, khaki refers to a specific color.

How Should Chinos Fit?

You’ll know that you found an ideal pair of chinos when they fit perfectly around the waist without a belt. As for your butt and leg areas, they should be snug but not too tight.

You should pay attention to another essential detail, which is the length. It’s best to have a slight break or no break at all. If needed, you can also roll your pants.

A perfect fit will also depend on the chino type you choose. The two most common types are slim-fit and straight-leg, and we suggest you go for one depending on your build. For example, if you are skinny, slim, or have a regular shape, a slim-fit model is excellent for you. On the other hand, guys with a more massive build won't go wrong with straight-leg chinos.

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Best Chino Pants Outfit Ideas

With an adequate pair of chino pants, you can create a wide variety of outfits for different occasions. Depending on what you wear with your chinos, you can sport ideal apparel for casual, smart, or even semi-formal events without breaking a sweat.

Let’s see the best chino pants outfit ideas based on colors.

Blue Chino Outfits

The most popular chinos come in different blue shades, including navy, stone blue, light blue, indigo, and more. With blue-colored chinos, you can craft various outfits that reflect polished and refined style suitable for smart occasions and events that require an elevated level of trendiness.

Let’s see what to wear with blue chinos to boost your style:

Blue Chino Outfits

Gray Chino Outfits

Another color you can often find on chino pants is gray. Designers are inspired by different shades of this neutral yet magnificent color, meaning that you can stick with lighter or darker options. Whatever you choose, be sure that you’ll embrace a true chino fashion that never fades.

Here are some gray chino outfits worth considering:

Gray Chino Outfits

Khaki Chino Outfits

The best chino outfits come in khaki color. This versatile and classy shade creates the most elegant and sophisticated looks, but it can also be a powerful detail in some more casual settings. Overall, khaki chinos are a wardrobe staple that can complete any outfit and dress you up for any event.

The most prominent khaki chino outfits are:

Black Chino Outfits

Whenever in doubt, choose black. Apart from being a pure reflection of classiness and elegance, black is the most versatile color that provides many different apparel ideas that suit any setting. No matter if you need semi-formal attire or an ultra-modern urban outfit, black chinos should be your top one choice.

Take a look at the best ways of wearing chinos in black:

Chino Outfits in Other Colors

If you prefer tones that go beyond the ordinary, charcoal, sea blue, palm, and olive are the right solutions for you. Since these tones generally feature a darker texture, they are convenient for virtually any event. Thanks to their versatility, you can pair chinos in each of these colors with diverse button-ups, polos, T-shirts, blazers, and jackets. You also have a broad range of options regarding footwear.

Let’s see some looks inspired by these wonderful shades:

What to Wear with Chinos?

The superior versatility of chinos makes them easy to style and incorporate them into your everyday wear. You can look incredibly good in them, regardless of your age, height, or body type. As you could see in the previous section, chinos come in an array of colors and shades you can pair with virtually any garment to create a distinctive look that won’t go unnoticed.

Chinos and T-Shirt

The easiest and the most classic looks begin with T-shirt with chinos. You are free to pick any color chino and match it with a black, white, green, or striped tee. This combination is suitable for casual everyday demands, and you can always boost it with a pair of white sneakers.
Chinos and T-Shirt

Chinos and a Polo Shirt

Pairing two evergreen garments never felt so good. An incredible combination of chino pants and a polo shirt features a contemporary, fashion-forward style suitable for any time of the day. Apart from being exceptionally stylish, this apparel enhances your comfort and encourages a good mood. You can go for either monochrome or striped polo, depending on what look you want to achieve.
Chinos and a Polo Shirt

Chinos and Long-Sleeve Shirt

Add a touch of classiness with impeccable chinos and shirt combinations. Whether you pick a classic white button-up or a deluxe flannel, you’ll take your overall men’s chinos style to the next level. Still, try not to overdo with colors – go for lighter, solid colors or subtle patterns instead of striking stripes or similar details.
Chinos and Long-Sleeve Shirt

Chinos and Short-Sleeve Shirt

A fantastic combination of chino pants and a short-sleeve shirt provides an effortless summer look suitable for any occasion – from offices to casual group-gatherings. You can create many different outfits with these two versatile items and look inspired by the latest fashion trends.
Chinos and Short-Sleeve Shirt

Chinos and Blazer

Whenever you’re in a hurry and need to run some errands outside, then go for a blazer with chinos, and style them with a T-shirt. When it comes to chinos and blazers, you can mix different colors and shades, while it’s recommended to stick with basic colored T-shirts. That way, you’ll achieve the best smart casual look suitable for an array of events.
Chinos and Blazer

Chinos and Jackets

As we’re approaching colder seasons, we must start to think about including a third layer to our chino outfit. Some of the layering options worth considering are flannel jackets, denim jackets, bomber jackets, coats, and other outerwear types that complete your outfit.

If you need a unique yet versatile jacket you can wear with chinos or other pant models, take a closer look at The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket. Apart from being incredibly stylish, this stunner provides an elevated dose of comfort and freedom of movement suitable for busy days or mornings you want to start with some activity.

Chinos and Jackets

Chinos and Hoodies/Sweaters

Hoodies are an essential part of men’s casual wear. They are cool and comfortable, allowing many different outfits and styles convenient for everyday demands. Pair a solid-colored hoodie with navy, black, or gray chinos, and experience a new dimension of trendiness and freedom.

As for sweaters, you’re free to embrace your favorite pieces and pair them with earth-toned chinos for the ultimate fall outfit.

Chinos and Hoodies/Sweaters

What Shoes to Wear with Chinos?

You have tons of options when it comes to the best shoes for chinos since these pants match well with most shoe types. Therefore, you can choose anything from white leather sneakers, Converse All-Star, chukka boots, loafers, and some dress shoes.

You are encouraged to try a brown boot with khaki chinos, or black boots with black chino pants, depending on what color combinations you prefer. If you opt for dress shoes, make sure your chino length is not too long to ensure a polished and well-thought-out look.