how to wear a polo shirt

How to Wear a Polo Shirt + 8 Amazing Ways to Embrace Polo Shirt Fashion

The polo shirt has been famous among men ever since its beginnings. Although its primary purpose was focused on tennis and golf players, it soon became an inevitable part of a man’s wardrobe.

Polo shirts are timeless, stylish, and incredibly versatile items you can pair with many different garments to create various outfits suitable for either smart or casual occasions. Despite its superior versatility, a polo shirt is still a unique piece that might not always be easy-to-combine. Hence, most men tend to wear it with jeans or chinos, without knowing that there are many other ways of wearing polo with style and an elevated dose of sophistication.

But we are here to reveal some secrets – let’s see how to wear a polo in different combinations to create an array of styles.

What to Wear with Polo Shirt?

The answer to this question lies in your personal style and preferences. Still, there are many impressive polo outfits for guys who want to keep it easy and stylish.
polo outfits for guys

Polo Shirt and Pants

You can wear a polo shirt with different kinds of pants and trousers, depending on what look you want to embrace, and the occasion you’re attending. So, if you’re wondering what pants to wear with polo shirt, here are some examples:

Polo Shirts and Joggers

A stellar pair of joggers is must-have streetwear, especially when teamed with a polo shirt with a sharp collar. You can opt for joggers in black or navy, but you can neither go wrong with other earthy-toned options, such as olive, charcoal, ecru, or stone blue.
Polo Shirts and Joggers
Do you need more jogger outfit ideas? Check them out now!

Polo Shirt and Shorts

The best summer polo shirts outfits begin with a pair of fitting shorts. Such a style is ideal for evenings you want to spend chilling and with a drink in hand. Still, if you pick a comfy, breathable pair of shorts, such as models from our Infinity® short collection, consider yourself ready for hiking, biking, or similar recreational activities.
Polo Shirt and Shorts

Polo Shirts and Chino Pants

Chino pants are another wardrobe staple that helps you create a wide variety of outfits for any event. Since they are quite versatile and always-on-trend, a polo shirt is a perfect addition to any chino outfit. Such a style is convenient for office, dinner dates, everyday demands, and some casual settings.

A combination of a polo shirt and chinos is fantastic for a golf course or tennis since it brings an elevated dose of comfort and refined style these two sports reflect.

Polo Shirts and Chino Pants

Polo Shirts and Jeans

You cannot go wrong with the evergreen combination of polo shirts and jeans. Throw your favorite polo in with the best denim for an everyday casual look, and feel free to experiment with washes. For instance, pick darker denim for smarter occasions, while a light-colored model with a looser fit should be your go-to choice for weekend gatherings.

Let’s see how to wear a polo shirt with jeans:

Polo Shirts and Jeans

Polo Shirts and Jackets

Polo shirts are excellent for layering, allowing you to throw different types of jackets on top and prepare for the colder seasons with style.

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Shirt jackets are perfect third layers as they deliver an equal dose of trendiness, comfort, and warmth. Shirt jackets might remind you of a sophisticated and traditional style, but when you pair them with a stunning polo, they’ll instantly transform into a contemporary piece that cannot go unnoticed.
Polo Shirts and Shirt Jackets

Polo Shirts and Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket

The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket is one of the most versatile pieces from the 7D collection, allowing you to pair it with smart or sportswear. When styled with a cool polo shirt, this marvelous jacket boosts not only your appearance but also your comfort, breathability, and freedom of movement.

Such a polo shirt style is suitable for those who are always on the move, making sure you stay dry and sweat-free.

Polo Shirts and Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket

Polo Shirts and Sweater Flannels

Once you wear a polo with a super soft sweater flannel, you won’t want to take it off! Such a combination is suitable for chillier weather and days when you want to show off some style and spread positive vibes.
Polo Shirts and Sweater Flannels

Polo with Blazer

Suppose you have an upcoming dressy event, and you are not fascinated by wearing a classy button-up – what do you do then?

Many men opt for polo with a blazer, a combination for which we can hear different opinions. The biggest problem with wearing a blazer with polo is the collar. Although it is not a classic collar that we can see on button-ups, but rather an extension of the shirt’s fabric, it may bunch up under the blazer, creating an unpolished look.

However, there are ways of styling a polo with blazer without spoiling your overall style. For example, take advantage of the polo’s collar, which is less strong than the regular button up’s, and style it the way it fits you the best.

Polo with Blazer

How to Wear Polo Shirts to Enhance Your Style: 6 Critical Tips Every Guy Should Know

We have already seen the most common polo styles, there are still some ideas you should try to get a polished and fashion-forward look. Let’s take a closer look at the 6 ultra-modern tips for wearing polo

1.    Lose Some Buttons

Consider losing some buttons on your polo to get the best look for a club or any casual occasion. Such a move will bring positive party vibes and make sure you’ve achieved a true gentleman look. Be free to pair an open collar polo with chinos and loafers.

2.    Pair a Polo with a Suit

Athleisure style is pretty popular today, allowing a broad range of outfit options that include polo shirts. That said, you are encouraged to style your favorite polo with a suit in black, navy, or gray, and don’t worry about shirts and ties.
If you want to stick to some more advanced combination, try pairing crème trousers, a taupe blazer, and earth-colored polo – you’ll achieve a unique and fashion-forward style that won’t go unnoticed.

3.    Experiment with Stripes

Don’t be afraid to go for some bolder polo models. Although these pieces are primarily made with minimalism and versatility in mind, you won’t go wrong with some louder patterns, including vertical stripes, three-color stripe design, and similar.

However, if you choose a more prominent polo design, make sure you style it with light wash jeans and white sneakers.

4.    Go for Lighter Tones During the Summer

As we all get a little glow during summer, we need something lighter to make a compelling contrast. Therefore, stick with gray, stone, white, ivory, and similar pale colors, and don’t hesitate to pair them with chinos in lighter tones. Although it might seem too monochrome, you’ll love the overall look.

5.    Wear a Polo Fitted, But Not Too Tight

To get a polished and smooth look in line with polos fashion, pay attention to your polo's fit, especially in the waist and arms areas. The waist of your polo should be comfortable, skimming your body – neither too tight nor baggy.

You should also pay attention to the polo’s collar. This essential detail should be sharp and polished so that it doesn’t draw attention in a bad way. Also, don’t pop your collar. Ever.

6.    Never Wear an Undershirt

A polo shirt should be worn as a base, which is why you don’t need an undershirt. It is quite an unnecessary item that can only add excess bulkiness and make you look messy. Still, if you must have one, make sure it doesn’t have a visible neckline.