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Interview Attire for Men – 14 Essentials to Make Great First Impression

You all have heard the familiar saying "dress for success." In a business setting, your look matters. Your appearance educates others on how you want to be approached. It makes sense since 70% of first impressions are determined by the way you dress and walk through the door, and 75% of hiring managers claim that clothes are a deciding factor between two candidates.

Dress for the position you want. Keep your image fresh and up-to-date. Remember, you're the top representative and spokesperson of your brand.

But what to wear to an interview? Here's a list of 14 interview attire for men that will help you make the best impact on the potential employer.


Any business casual men interview begins with a nice blazer, and by nice, we mean tailored and tight. To that end, the coat should tout a slim cut, a square fit on the shoulders, a lapel that stops right above the rear end, and sleeves that stop before the shirt cuff. Of course, you have a range of styles and materials to choose from.

1. Stuart 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

Stuart 4-Way Stretch Blazer is a breath of fresh air from the typical black suit coat and is a superb addition to your interviewing wardrobe. It can be worn with a tie or without, depending on the dress code. It matches many shirt colors and can be paired with chinos or grey shirt. Plus, there's a lot of flexibility bundled into this one model, so you'll get a lot of mileage out of it.

Made from 65% Rayon, 30% Polyester, and 5% Spandex - this casual looking piece is great for long days at the office or restaurant.

2. Neilson 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

There’s actually nothing more versatile and flexible than having a well-cut blazer. With rich color and depth, this brown Neilson 4-Way Stretch Blazer is tailored from a premium cotton fabric for a casual business look. A breast pocket and two traditional flap side pockets promote the sophisticated level of the blazer. The tortoise buttons make a subtle statement about your style, as well.

This item is great for both formal and casual outfits, and you cat pair it with slacks and a patterned shirt to make you stand out at the business interview.

3. Vasto Blazer ($195)

While many coats can appear heavy when worn in warm weather, light grey styles look bright and breezy. Therefore, a Vasto Blazer is an ideal option for wearing throughout spring and summer. To nail the image, just remember to keep the rest of the interview attire for men in similar tones. It’s the epitome of a copybook blazer, the classic perfectly updated in a modern cut with tapered sleeves and high armholes for a fresh look and maximum versatility no matter what the situation calls for.

Combine this piece with white trousers with a light blue shirt for a clear look or khaki chinos with a white shirt for a slightly warmer image.


There is a wide variety of dress shirts' fabrics, weaves, and colors offered on the market. When choosing men's interview attire for a job interview, there are three most recommended colored shirts you should wear under your blazer – white, light blue, or beige. While colors like green, yellow, red, pink, yellow, purple, and orange look great, they can be distracting in an interview setting.Solid-color shirts are a perfect piece of interview clothes for men. If you must wear a print, pick an extremely subtle one. You may consider the following models.

4. Blurred Lines Long Sleeve Shirt ($99)

Timeless and easy to wear, the Blurred Lines Long Sleeve Shirt easily transitions from work to weekend. This particular model is a 100% cotton fabric that's specially washed for a super-soft finish. It sports a delicate striping pattern, regular fit, and button-down collar. Its slim fit look will allow you to at least accentuate those body parts that ought to look impressive. This model is non-iron, so it won't ever crease. It doesn't matter how often you wear it or how much you throw it around the wardrobe instead of hanging it up in the closet, you'll be okay.

Blurred Lines has all the classiness you would expect in a shirt designed for business setting, but it also works nicely for more casual wear since you can match it with many types of slacks and shoes.

5. City Savior Short Sleeve Shirt ($79)

This white short sleeve shirt delivers casual comfort for the warm weather. The City Savior Short Sleeve Shirt is ready to take you from work straight to the after-hours. Sleek and slim-fit, this elegant cotton shirt boasts minimalist vibes with cuffed short sleeves. This model will look excellent in a casual or semi-formal environment. It has a single chest pocket and well-positioned stitch lines on the shoulders and upper back that add subtle flair to a simple design. Its classic look and pallet of available colors are appropriate for nearly every occasion.

6. Clear Horizon 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

This ideal long sleeve shirt, with the proper mixture of comfort and style, is designed just for you. This performance shirt has 4-way stretch, is moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and above all, a great new addition to your wardrobe. It’s a shirt you can wear 1–2x a week for years with adequate care. Clear Horizon 4-Way Stretch Shirt is perfect for any occasion and looks equally elegant with or without a blazer. This 94% polyester, 6% spandex mix shirt comes in a regular fit but with a real emphasis on comfort. It has fuller sleeves and relaxed arm holes, making it appropriate for the average person and almost everyone’s body shape.


Since straight up suit pants are no longer mandatory, you have options. Still, it’s crucial to stress that your business casual trousers should emanate with as much sharpness, sophistication, and intent as the rest of your interview attire.

7. Parker Performance Chino Pant ($99)

Authenticity, comfort, and the pursuit of perfection are engrained in this sea blue Parker Performance Chino Pant. They have a great multi-blend stretch fabric, a 5-pocket design like denim jeans, and a flattering slim-fit that makes them a prime solution for men of all ages. With an updated fit and sensible detailing, this classic chino pant is a wardrobe staple you can rely on the business interview. Plus, this piece is wrinkle-resistant, so you can travel for a full day and still look terrific for an afternoon business meeting.Sky blue shirt and navy blue shirts are the great combinations with these sea blue chinos.

8. The Infinity Pant ($125)

These slacks are very comfortable and suitable for daily wear. Because these performance-oriented pants are so versatile that you can wear them everywhere and anywhere. This model is made of high-quality stretch fabric, which makes dress-up such a breeze. To work or on dates - whatever you need to do. Mostly, The Infinity Pant looks like dress pants but feel like casual pants. Talk about the best of both worlds. Plus, they’ve top-lie wicking tech, comfortable Linear Flex fabric technology, and a slimming, streamlined fit.

Pair it with a brown blazer and light grey long sleeve shirt to add some fashion touch to your business attire.

9. Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant ($98)

Chinos are great, but they don’t always feel that way. Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant took care of that with a comfortable blend of cotton, and touch of spandex for a stretcher feeling. That unique blend, paired with the single needle stitching, means that wrinkles are a thing of the past. You can machine wash and tumble try them, and you’ll still be good to rock and roll throughout the business interview. This pair uses brass zipper with a durable plastic button, seamlessly embedded into the coloration of these midnight chinos. If you’re not feeling the navy, you can choose toffee model for your dressing up for an interview.

For a more casual business look, combine them with a nice black corduroy shirt.


Not only are polo shirts considered business casual by many workplaces, but they also give an option for your wardrobe that’s at the same time comfy and easy to style. With adequate pairings and accessories, you can wear polo shirts as a part of men’s outfits.

10. We Will Live Performance Modal Polo ($79)

If you’re seeking for the closest thing to a “one-size-fits-all” for your style, then We Will Live Performance Modal Polo is the way to go. The item comes with a classic polo design that's extremely versatile – a three-button light blue-collar, which works well either buttoned/unbuttoned depending on the occasion.The fabric is what makes this polo a cut above the rest for performance: it's 64% modal and 36% polyester, so it has both durability and flexibility. You don't have to worry about this shirt deforming in the wash, and it both wicks moisture and dries fast, making it perfect for the long job interview.

11. Happier Performance Modal Polo ($79)

If you’re fresh to wearing polos and want to combine one with your go-to interview attire, the Happier Performance Modal Polo is a great choice – especially if you’re going to a birthday party or work event. The number of options for dye here is quite impressive. From charcoal to stone rose, Happier Performance Modal Polo has you covered.

When it comes to fit, you’ll also have several choices from small to XX-large.With the three-button placket, you have the option of keeping it casual and unbuttoned or adopting a more formal appearance.

12. The Ultimate Polo ($59)

This polo comes in a diversity of colors, both vibrant and muted. The fabric is lightweight, which lends itself both to long days at the office but also an after-work meet-up. The Ultimate Polo features a three-button navy placket, which is a unique touch that can suggest the attention to detail of the wearer. It’s also made from premium cotton and able to resist shrinking, color fades, and deformation, which makes it an excellent everyday choice.It also boasts a great sizing chart that you’ll want to take a look at if you decide on this item.


There is an infinite number of sweaters on the market, which is both a blessing since there are so many to opt from and a curse since you want every single one. Feel free to purchase one in every material, shape, and color from the following collection.

13. Grand Teton Knit Zip Sweater ($99)

The elegant slate charm of cable-knit, the rich feel of cotton blend, and the contemporary appeal of a quarter-zip closure all marvelously combine in the Grand Teton Knit Zip Sweater. It offers a fantastic level of movement, fabric that won’t pill with time, as well as moisture-wicking properties to keep your skin feeling comfortable and dry.

Best worn with a button-down underneath, this quarter-zip sweater comes in two conservative color choices that all present nicely. One aspect of this sweater that we really liked was the size and fit options. Available in sizes SM to XXL – it’ll form to the natural contours of your body without being too restrictive in any area.

14. Shasta Knit Pullover Hoodie ($89)

This knit pullover hoodie is made of a soft and cozy blend of cotton and wool. It sports a soft fleece lining and a quarter zip closure. This piece is the ideal layering model that will have you looking perfectly polished. Shasta Knit Pullover Hoodie comes in two colors and a variety of sizes. This makes it a particularly useful option in this day and age, considering interview outfits for men are becoming more relaxed.

A classic cable knit brings texture and pattern to a cotton-blend sweater styled for casual versatility with a stand collar and quarter-zip detailing.

How Not to Dress for an Interview?

There are some things guys shouldn’t wear as a part of men interview outfit if you want to make a good impression. Here's the list.
  • Unusual color suits - In the past decade, many businesses have accepted a casual or business casual dress code, and this code extends to interviews. It doesn't mean that a suit is a bad option when interviewing, but there were also examples when you're overdressed, just as in the past, there were situations when you could've been underdressed. Therefore, you should always do some sleuthing before your interview to try to find out what's appropriate as an interview attire for men at that particular company;
  • Sneakers - During an interview, sneakers send a message that you might not be serious enough for that position. In case, you're worried about support and comfort, there are plenty of interview-oriented shoes out there that are almost as comfortable as sneakers;
  • Graphic t-shirts - Wearing words, whether across your chest or elsewhere, is extremely informal, takes attention away from you, and could contain a message your hiring manager doesn't love. Therefore, keep your T-shirt, if you must wear one, free of words, phrases, and letters;
  • Hats - Top hats, Baseball hats, berets, beanies, boaters, flat caps, bucket hats, peaked caps, and fishermen caps. Whatever your hat obsession might be, leave the hat outside the room you're interviewing in. The point here is that hats are unnecessary, and there's a high possibility that if you wear one to an interview, you'll be known, during the internal discussion of your job candidacy, as the "man with the hat" and not by your actual name. Which, to say the least, is not recommended as a part of the men's interview attire;
  • Jewelry - There's not really a good reason to wear rings, necklaces, bracelets, piercings, or any other types of jewelry during the interview. Jewelry will, like a few of the things mentioned above, draw attention to themselves, and not to your candidacy.
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