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35 Summer Styles for Men to Embrace in 2020

Summer fashion doesn’t always seem interesting for men. Hot weather and the lack of fresh air are not very convenient when it comes to choosing a perfect attire. That said, we need to find clothes that are breathable and lightweight, but stylish and trendy at the same time.

Men's summer fashion doesn't need to be as exhausting as you might think. The fashion scene is full of different items and outfits you're encouraged to embrace to begin the summer with an enhanced dose of style. Shorts, shirts, and chinos in different colors and patterns that can be ideally paired with sneakers or similar shoes are some of the ideas you're welcome to explore – but you'll see more than that.

Have a look at the 35 great summer outfits men will love in 2020.

Men’s Summer Fashion: Wardrobe Essentials

Some pieces are essential for summer – shorts, jeans, pants, and shirts. When you have them, you can create various outfits suitable for both casual and dressy occasions. Make sure your clothes are breathable and lightweight so that you feel comfortable going to the beach party, night out, or a wedding.

Let’s have a look at the best men summer styles worth considering in 2020.

Shorts: Chino, Hybrid, Swim

The shorts are a must-have item during the summer. They come in various colors, styles, designs, and materials, and they're suitable for different occasions. You'll never go wrong with chino shorts or denim for casual events and everyday wear, but swim shorts are a must for the beach and hot summer noon.

Chino Shorts: A Popular and Stylish Item That Suits Any Man

Chino shorts are made from high-quality cotton fabrics, which means that they're quite breathable and lightweight. Besides, they come in multiple styles, colors, and patterns convenient for summer events. Pair them with a T-shirt or polo, wear white sneakers, and get the ultimate summer style.
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Hybrid Shorts: From Sea to Land

As their name says, hybrid shorts are versatile and suitable for transitions from beach to land and vice versa. They are often made from 4-way stretch fabric that allows breathability and good feeling even if you spend the entire day outside. Hybrid shorts provide an active lifestyle, bringing moisture-wicking technology that repels any water or sweat, encouraging quicker dry.
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Swim Shorts: Boost Good Vibes

To embrace a vibrant and tropical style that draws attention, you need swim shorts that feature alluring floral patterns inspired by forests and jungles worldwide. The pairs of shorts you’re about to see are an essential part of men summer styles, making sure you bring a touch of tropical breeze even if you wear them on the pool.
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Short-Sleeve Shirts and Button-Downs: The Most Popular Summer Wear for Men

Shirts with short sleeves have always been an essential part of men’s wardrobe, especially during spring and summer. They can create a variety of trendy outfits suitable for embracing casual and dressy styles. Shirts for men come in many colors, designs, and patterns, but you can also enjoy more basic styles.

4-Way Stretch Short Sleeves: A Perfect Piece to Create Summer Looks for Guys

An incredibly stylish and high-quality piece that allows you to create many different men’s summer outfits is a 4-way stretch short sleeves shirt. It brings a significant dose of comfort and style, it’s moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and suitable for both day and night. Such a shirt will boost your confidence and make you feel comfortable and satisfied with it.
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Lightweight & Camp Short-Sleeve Shirts: Ultimate Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Lightweight and camp short-sleeve shirts are a must during summer. Apart from being extraordinarily comfortable, these shirts are stylish and in line with the latest men summer fashion trends. They often come in vintage, floral, and abstract patterns that allow you to modernize your style and take it to the next level.
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T-Shirts & Polos: An Essential Part of Men Summer Fashion

T-shirts and polos are a crisp and classic piece that's a vital part of mens summer fashion. You can wear one for casual hangouts or dressy weekend dinners and look and feel quite comfy and fashionable. Polos and tees are made from breathable and high-quality materials that bring a touch of freshness and excellent look 24/7.

T-Shirts: A Dose of Traditional Spirit

Tees are a wardrobe staple – therefore, you shouldn’t forget to enrich your closet with the latest pieces right from 7 Diamonds! The collection of casual T-shirts will enhance your everyday wear and ensure your comfort no matter where you are. Pair them with jeans, chinos, or shorts to get an outstanding yet effortless look suitable for both day and night.
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Polo Shirts: A Timeless Piece of Men Summer Styles

Polo shirts are a historical item that will never go out of style. You can pair them with different clothing to achieve stylish and smart looks convenient for almost every occasion. Make sure you choose a piece that fits your build and height to ensure a flawless and fabulous outfit. Have a look at The Polo Shirt Buying Guide to learn more about an ideal polo model.
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Chino Pants: Comfortable & Trendy Men’s Summer Clothes

Infinity Chino Pants: Comfortable & Trendy Men’s Summer Clothes
Infinity® Chino pants are an excellent way to take your summer style to the next level. They are made from breathable and durable materials, which makes them convenient for nights out, weddings, or even casual outfits suitable for everyday wear. You can find a lot of models in different colors and fits – pair them with T-shirts, shirts, polos, and blazers, and you’ll get the look that can be easily adapted to any occasion.
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Not sure how to find a fitting pair of chinos? Check out the Ultimate Buying Guide: The 5 Best Chino Pant Models to Buy in 2020.

Outerwear: Denim Jackets & Blazers are Also Men Summer Styles

You need adequate and high-quality outerwear, even if it's summer. Denim jackets, hoodies, and blazers are always on-trend and convenient for both casual and dressy events. Besides, layers are welcome on chillier nights, which you want to spend outside. Let's take a closer look at some of the best men summer styles that include outerwear.

Infinity® Jacket: An Exquisite Summer Jacket Made From Lightweight Fabric

Our Infinity® jackets are an excellent way to embrace hot summer days with style. They are made from breathable materials that allow you to maintain your active lifestyle even during high temperatures. You can wear them for sports or some casual events where you want to feel relaxed and look handsome.

The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

Our Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket is an incredibly stylish and comfortable summer jacket made for men that want to express their youth and readiness to seize the day. It is designed to keep you fresh and cool while running around town or switching from your office to the gym or airport. And guess what? You’ll look fantastic, regardless of the location.

This summer jacket is made from lightweight and breathable materials, and it comes in three stunning colors and versatile colors – navy, charcoal, and black.

Blazers: Summer Outfits Men Can Wear at Any Time

Blazers are evergreen pieces suitable for all the occasions in which you want to enhance either casual or dressy style. They are ideal for summer nights and formal gatherings, providing your look with an uptown twist.
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Denim Jackets: Embrace the ‘90s Spirit

Denim jackets will be popular even in a hundred years. The detail that makes them so unique is the versatility and evergreen design that suits every man. It’s an excellent choice for enhancing your casual attire with an endless style.
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5 Accessories to Enhance Men's Summer Fashion

Apart from high-quality and fashionable men's summer clothes, you shouldn't forget about the most popular accessories that may take your overall look to the next level. Here are the 5 ultimate pieces of accessory you can use to boost your outfit to the best.
  • A bracelet: A good bracelet can add a significant touch of personality and style to any outfit.
  • A wallet: A practical and stylish wallet is a must. Find a versatile one in which you can keep all your essentials securely.
  • Sunglasses: A summer without sunglasses? No way. Apart from protecting you from UV rays, they will bring positive vibes to your overall style.
  • A summer hat: Stay cool in the heat with a summer hat made from a soft straw. And boost your style with a touch of tropical beauty.
  • A lightweight tie: The very thought of wearing a suit during summer sounds unpleasant, but if you have a lightweight tie, you can complete your dressy style and feel comfortable during the hottest summer days and nights.
You can always enhance your style with a watch, a belt, or even a bag.