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Urban Men Fashion: Top 10 Outfit Ideas to Hit the Streets with Style

Each year comes with new fashion trends, and since we are pretty close to the end of 2020, we can expect a huge fashion makeover, especially when it comes to men style. You must be tired of monotonous black and white formals and predominant gray tones you can see in hoodies and sweaters, and it's high time you change it for some colorful and vivid outfits inspired by men urban style.

Although the concept of the urban men style may remind you of the outfits that Joker used to wear, it’s not like that. You are free to choose what you like the most and adapt it to the street style – T-shirts, pants, shirts, sneakers, and accessories are always convenient, and most importantly, you are free to experiment with styles until you find your cup of tea.

This post will show the 10 best urban styles for men you can wear in 2020/21.

1.    The Commuter 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

Take your urban men style to the next level with The Commuter 4-Way Stretch Jacket. It is a perfect layer piece and a wardrobe staple that provides a significant dose of comfort while making you look exceptionally stylish.

You can pair this jacket with virtually any garment and create a wide variety of urban casual wear convenient for either lounging around or performing sports activities. Featuring a fantastic moisture-wicking technology, this jacket allows you to stay fresh throughout the day, no matter where you are.

It is available in charcoal, black, and gray.

2.    The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149) + The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant ($125)

The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket is another piece of outerwear you will love. It features top-notch LinearFlex® fabric designed to keep you crisp and comfortable as you’re roaming around town while its well-thought-out design increases its functionality and style.

Paired with The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant, it allows seamless movement, and the moisture-wicking feature that brings a sweat-free effect essential for days you want to spend in the street. No matter if you are headed to the office, airport, or gym, you will stay effortlessly cool and productive in this outfit

3.    Life in the City Short Sleeve Shirt ($69) + Void Hybrid Short ($69)

Take advantage of the hot weather until the fall temperatures kick in. Wear a marvelous combination made of the Life in the City Short Sleeve Shirt and a Void Hybrid Short. You will not only get the best comfort and performance, but you will also be provided with an incredible dose of urban style that won’t go unnoticed.

The floral print will add some vintage charm and elevate any outfit you want to create. This overall style will enhance your urban look and make you feel crisp and confident, no matter where you are.

4.    Saga Short Sleeve Shirt ($79)

Made from stretch premium cotton, a Saga Short Sleeve Shirt makes sure you are provided with a superior level of comfort and freshness. It features a unique geometric pattern that stands out in quite a subtle way and the 7Diamonds signature that elevates the style to the maximum.

It comes in three color options – light blue, dusty rose, and navy. Pair it with cool pants and a sweater, like our guy, and take the urban men fashion to the next level.

5.    Another Dimension 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79) + The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant in True Navy ($125)

Once you’ve paired the most versatile pair of The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant in True Navy with a classic yet unique Another Dimension 4-Way Stretch Shirt, you’ve got the best urban style men often find amazing. This urban look is suitable for different occasions where you want to look casual yet polished – from offices to pubs.

6.    King of the Road Single Pocket Corduroy Shirt ($89) + Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt ($39) + Dunbar Shirt Jacket ($249)

It’s almost fall, and the weather calls for layers. The best way to layer up and stay exceptionally stylish is by embracing the King of the Road Single Pocket Corduroy Shirt, Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt, and a Dunbar Shirt Jacket. This is a fantastic combination that never goes out of style, bringing both the urban vibe and an elevated dose of coziness.

It is suitable for those days when you want to feel nothing but the comfort, and, best of all, your overall look will reflect the refined taste and an enhanced dose of style convenient at any time.

7.    Clifton Sateen Pant ($88) + Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt ($39) + This Town Long Sleeve Shirt ($49.50)

Another great way to style an Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt is by pairing it with Clifton Sateen Pant in Odyssey and This Town Long Sleeve Shirt. By picking these urban male clothing pieces, you will achieve a casual yet polished look excellent for any time of the day.

You can enhance your overall style with some accessories like sunglasses, a fashion-forward hat, or any other piece you find convenient and in line with your preferences.

8.    Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant in Navy ($98) + Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt ($39) + Coastin Long Sleeve Shirt ($89)

Enhance your casual attire with some classy items such as Coastin Long Sleeve Shirt, Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt, and Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant in Navy. Featuring a unique 7Diamonds signature, all the pieces elevate the style and bring a dose of effortless elegance suitable for almost any occasion.

You can consider this outfit anytime you want to spend some quality time without feeling uncomfortable or overdressed.

9.    Parker Performance Chino Pant in Palm ($99) + Parker Double Pocket Flannel ($89)

Embrace a perfect mixture of traditional Parker Double Pocket Flannel and classic Parker Performance Chino Pant in Palm. This is excellent men’s urban clothing made with versatility in mind, allowing you to create a wide variety of styles according to the occasion.

Boost your look with some accessories and hit the streets with high style!

10.    Performance Pima® Polo Shirts ($89)

Every gentleman needs a Performance Pima® Polo Shirt in their closet. This marvelous item is not only soft and functional, but it is also incredibly stylish and convenient for different types of events, either smart or casual. The contrast edges add the 7Diamonds detail, and the perfect fit will take your comfort to the next level.

Our performance Pima® polos come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

5 Essential Tips for Boosting Your Man Urban Wear

Any urban outfit you choose can be enhanced with tons of accessories and shoes that take your overall look to the next level. If you are not sure what to use to achieve a true urban style, consider the 5 essential tips that can help you get the look inspired by the latest men’s urban fashion trends.

1.    Wear Sunglasses

Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and boost your style with a dose of an urban vibe. No matter if you choose classic Ray-Ban, oversized models, or the colorful pieces, you will complete your outfit and make it more prominent.
Wear Sunglasses

2.    Wear Dress Pants and Joggers

Dress Pants and Joggers
Dress pants and joggers can create ideal men’s urban styles that boost your comfort while ensuring an excellent look. You can style them in many different ways, depending on your personal preferences.

3.    Wear Casual Shoes

Shoes play a significant role in your outfit choices, especially when it comes to achieving urban looks. You can go for simple white sneakers, two-strap slides, or any other casual models to keep you comfortable and stylish while hitting the suburban streets.

4.    Wear Hats from Time to Time

Hats are incredibly fashionable items that you are encouraged to wear. They not only create cool and urban men outfits, but they also serve to protect your head from the sun, snow, and high temperatures. Hats come in a wide variety of designs, and you can always find those that completely match your style.

5.    Be Yourself

Be Yourself
Each person has their own taste and preferences when it comes to fashion trends. That said, you shouldn’t strictly follow the guidelines of the latest urban fashion but stick with what you like the most and what makes you feel comfortable and confident.