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Complete Men’s Style Guide to Look Sharp as Hell

Whether you want to distinguish from the crowd or fit in with it, picking the right clothing is crucial. For some guys, investing a bit of grey matter into how they dress and appear may seem unenjoyable, but it doesn’t have to be such a hassle. If you can set up a strong foundation of essentials, building your style easier. So, you can bring some novelty or stick to the classics. This ultimate men’s style guide will help you look your best whatever the occasion is. Let's start in and see if we can take your fashion game to the next level.

Men’s Style Essentials

The key to men’s style well is a refined, versatile wardrobe, but what comprises one? After picking up everything on the list below, you’ll have your essentials and basics covered.

Chino Pants

Choosing the ideal chinos is critical to rocking the stylish look the right way. While color is naturally a significant decision, the fit is the most important element. Anything too tight or baggy will seem inappropriate and, therefore, should be avoided. Instead, stick to straight-leg and slim styles to maintain a sophisticated look.

Doing so will also help to breed a flattering appearance with a streamlined aesthetic. Don't forget the length, either. Chino pants that are too long will appear messy, so opt to slightly cropped or cuffed styles to take the most of these stylish trousers.

The Infinity Chino Pant in Olive ($125)

The Infinity 7-Pocket Pant in Olive is made of a 100% polyester with a bit of stretch and is engineered to get you through the fast-paced life. This slim style of male fashion-forward pants features just the right stretch to provide optimal comfort and superior fit. Sporting modern flat-front construction and featuring a sleeker silhouette than standard chino trousers, the extra support and flexibility delivered by the lightweight fabric make them ideal for warm days.

Aiden 4-Way Stretch Chino Pant in Asphalt ($98)

The Aiden 4-Way Stretch Chino Pant in Asphalt are comfortable and built to last. The variety of colors and pant fits make it a solid pick. Resting on a material comprising 95% cotton and 5% elastane, you will have a pair of slacks that aren't only breathable and durable but the hint of lycra that gives a bit of stretch. These chinos are also ideal for occasions with ambiguous dress codes, particularly the business casual and smart casual styles.


T-shirts are essential components of any man’s wardrobe. The plain T-shirt is easy to wear, subtly stylish and as versatile as it gets – it can be combined with anything, even dressed-up tailoring. For any tee, the rule is to keep it simple. Go for a classic crew-neck T-shirt in basic colors. White, black grey, and navy are great starting points. But always be sure to find the right fit for your body type. You want a tee that hugs your body but doesn’t look like a second skin.

Iqonicq Supima T-Shirt ($39)

This white T-shirt offers up a degree of durability, performance, and style that other brands simply can’t provide. The Iqonicq Supima T-Shirt is made to deliver on-the-go functionality and comfort. It's the tee you need right now to match with chino for that casual look. It's available in 15 colors, enough to wear one for each day of the job.
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Polo Shirts

One layer of formality above the tee, the polo shirt, is another piece of your style puzzle. You can't go wrong when dressing if you match a pair of navy chinos with a polo. You don't have to invest a lot in a decent polo shirt, but you need to ensure that it fits your body type.

Eagle Performance Pima Polo ($89)

Eagle Performance Pima Polo is cut from Pima cotton and polyester to produce a long-lasting and durable fabric for everyday use. This polo shirt designed with an excellent fit to define the cuts and muscles of a man’s body but is also made with enough room for the right amount of movement.  It features a relaxed fit, two-tone style, and logo on the left breast. Also, this model comes in 4 colors, from dusty rose to navy.


Long- and short-sleeved shirts are essential when you want to look a little sharper. For a more casual look, you can unbutton and roll the cuffs. Just like the T-shirt, start building up your shirt closet with the essential colors. A white shirt is a foundation. Ensure that the collar looks good when left open to the third button but also when fully buttoned up.

Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Luxseam Shirt ($99)

Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Luxseam Shirt is a timeless classic for any guy, and an ageless solid will add a polished touch the shirt. At the same time, wrinkle-resistant materials keep you looking good from office to party. This button-down white shirt is made of breathable cotton with natural stretch for smooth movement and wear-all-day comfort. A classic buttoned collar design makes this casual shirt a multipurpose year-round solution.

Latitude 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79)

When things begin to heat up, the Latitude 4-Way Stretch Shirt is the #1 option for a casual and confident appearance. This model is made with the 7Diamonds premium wrinkle-free technology to look and feel fresh and polished all the time. The high-quality fabric is moisture-wicking with anti-odor technology for the sweatiest guys to feel fresh after an active day.


A lightweight jacket is a fashionable finishing item that can bring plenty of individuality to your style. It’s one of the pieces in your wardrobe that will stay with you for years, so it’s worth investing in a top-quality model. Therefore, stick to the jackets that won’t go out of men’s fashion trends after 6 months.

The Infinity 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

The Infinity 4-Way Stretch Jacket is a super-quality lightweight model with the freedom of 4-way stretch. Plus, the moisture-wicking capability will always keep you dry and sweat-free. The full feature set, from the waterproof zips to the hidden pockets, makes this jacket simple, streamlined, and highly effective. Three color combinations let you pick the best combination for your style. So, it’s an ideal everyday jacket to wear on various occasions.


A blazer is more informal than a suit and seems more like a jacket than a tailored suit. It can also give jeans a business look. Seek for models that are less stuffy and more relaxed. Choose little to no padding in the shoulder, and picking a slightly shorter length has a more casual, modern men’s fashion. Bear in mind the blazer's material, as well, since softer, more pliable materials have a fine look and feel and, in some situations, resemble a cardigan or a sweater.

Newport 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

This charcoal blazer is a pivotal timeless piece that every stylish guy should own. Charcoal tone complements every type of skin. It's a bright accent color that adds class to your look. Look great all day long in Newport 4-Way Stretch Blazer that sports maximum stretch fabric and an expertly tailored fit. Combine it with dress pants, jeans, or chinos for a more versatile look.

Dunes 4-Way Stretch Indigo Blue Blazer ($195)

Dunes 4-Way Stretch Blazer gives you the sophisticated silhouette of a sport coat with the stretch and comfort of your favorite sweatshirt. Classic details and refined styling make this slim fit blazer a unique piece, designed with two shades of indigo-dyed fiber to bring out the subtle texture of the fabric. This sport coat is made from a textured 100% polyester linen and polyester-rayon-spandex bland material that is durable, comfortable, and lightweight.


Every guy should have at least one suit. You don't need it all the time, but sometimes you need it, and you'll be glad you own it. Grey or navy is the most versatile. You might mean you don’t need a suit, but it's really nice to have one ready to go when you have a wedding, an interview, or some other dressy event. Remember, get it tailored. If the fit isn't great or it's outdated, take it to a good tailor, and they can make it look new for a tiny part of the cost of a new suit.


Minimal white sneakers have become a backbone in the modern man's closet. The clean design, teamed up with more relaxed dress codes, means you can totally wear these to the office. For dressier shoes, you have a few options. A black penny loafer is an excellent, versatile style for the office. Lace-up boots are great too, which pairs well with both the jeans and chino pants.


Save the light washed jeans for summer parties. To bring out more versatility, make sure your denim is darker. Darker colors evoke a more serious vibe, enabling you to wear it to work. It also makes it much easier to combine and match since a dark denim blue is not overpowering.


Belts and shoes should match, so choose a black or brown leather belt that matches your dress shoes. But you should also have a casual belt in your wardrobe to wear with jeans and a T-shirt. Furthermore, it’s always good to have a tie on hand for those interviews or weddings. Choose something silk with a subtle pattern and a class width.

Best Men's Fashion Tips

Anyone can dress themselves, but there's more to styling than merely knowing which jacket is the best fit. Use the following men fashion tips to upgrade your wardrobe and become the best-dressed guy in the room.
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1. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an internal driving force for remembering who you're and what you stand for. When you're in coordination with your sense of meaning, it transmits a strong signal that affects the "aura" you emit – and even the clothes you carry. Aside from that, master the power posing whenever you lack self-esteem. You'd be surprised by how much simple acts like the superhero pose can help you.

2. Fit

You might still enjoy wearing those baggy pajamas or oversized singlets at home or a hotel room, although you have slimmed down. But outside, remember the first men’s fashion advice - fit is God. It's your top concern in the style building (prior you think of fabric and function/style) for any clothing piece. So, if it doesn't fit – don't buy it because it won't work.

3. Quality before Quantity

What good is a storage room that's oversaturated with garments that either you don't feel good to wear or are challenging to combine with one another? The truth is in the middle – where the good stuff gets lost in the mix while the rest have to be replaced or cleared. You should build your capsule wardrobe, including shirts, jackets, blazers, chinos, and shoes.

4. Ignore Trends

Mainstream men fashion trends change too quickly to really become staples of your gentleman’s style. And you can't afford a complete closet overhaul every month. So, skip anything that doesn't survive one season. Stick to timeless clothing items and classic colors, patterns, textures, and combinations – since those will never disappoint.
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Modern Men Style FAQs
How do I properly layer clothes?
A foolproof layering combo features three layers – a bottom, middle and top layer. Build the attire from light to heavy, with the thinnest garment nearest to the skin.
What's the difference between the round neck and crew neck?
A crew-neck shirt fits snugly around the neck. Round neck T-shirt has a pronounced curve, almost a semi-circle and sits much lower than a crew neck.
How should an unstructured blazer fit?
Fit is critical with unstructured blazers since they don’t have paddings. Be sure that the seams hit right at the end of the shoulder. The extra fabric will bag out quickly.
How should an unstructured blazer fit?
Chino pants are made with lightweight fabric, with visible stitching that provides them a dressy look. Khakis are heavier, and sturdier-looking typically thought as more casual than chino models.
What shoes go with ripped jeans men?
Ripped jeans combine well with different shoe styles. You can wear them with work boots or sneakers for a leisure look, or dress boots if you want to dress up for a casual dinner or night out.