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Semi-Formal Attire for Men In Detail: Top 17 Outfit Ideas to Wear on Semi-Formal Occasions and Cocktail Parties

You can hear a lot about the dress code lately. Weddings, cocktail parties, dinners, or even offices come with certain guidelines for guest/employee attire, and their formality level may vary depending on the setting itself.

Still, you might be pretty confused when you see semi-formal attire on the invitation. Most men find it difficult to determine whether they've chosen the right apparel for the upcoming event, primarily since the semi-formal concept is based on something between casual and formal style.

We understand your doubts, and we're here to provide some further explanations for semi-formal wear. Let's take a look at the 17 most representative semi-formal men styles and learn more about how to dress appropriately for this type of event.

What is Semi-Formal Attire for Men?

Semi-formal dress code is commonly seen in events like dinners and weddings. It involves wearing something that's neither too casual nor too formal, and although it seems flexible, this dress code's concept is still pretty strict.

Some of the apparel options worth considering include a polished dark suit, especially if the event is held in the evening, while you’re encouraged to stick to some lighter solutions during daytime ceremonies. If you don’t prefer suits, a jacket styled with a nice pair of pants and shirt is a convenient choice.

As for the accessories, it’s recommended to stick with a watch and a minimal look. Ties are allowed as long as you pick something neutral. Overall, it is vital to look sophisticated and neat once you’re dressed up.

Let's go over the best semi-formal attire examples for men and get a clearer picture of what to wear.

Not a Fan of Suits? Go for Pants and Blazer Instead

Not all the gentlemen feel great in suits as they do in marvelous sets of pants and blazers. Such a combination can be quite crisp and fashion-forward, especially when enhanced with killer accessories such as a watch, a leather belt and a matching pair of shoes.

Semi-Formal Pants

When choosing a pair of pants for your upcoming semi-formal event, make sure you opt for sleek chinos or similar models to ensure you look polished and appropriate for the occasion.

Another factor that should impact your final decision when it comes to pants is the color. Go for neutrals and classic tones such as black, navy, white, khaki, gray, or beige. Some red nuances can also be convenient for the occasion.

Infinity® Pants: Embrace a Sleek Elegance

Our Infinity® pant collection reflects the high and refined style, appropriate for almost every formality level the occasion requires. All the pant models feature superior Linear Flex® fabric technology that provides the most durable quality and sophisticated elegance.

The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant ($125)

The detail that you’ll love about The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant is the perfect fit. Whether you pair it with a stylish polo shirt or a classy button-up, this marvelous pair will complete the overall outfit and provide an essential touch of classiness, shape, and style.

These semi-formal pants are available in rich colors – gray, olive, black, true navy, ecru, and charcoal.

The Infinity® Chino Pant ($125)

The Infinity® Chino Pant
The Infinity® Chino Pant is the newest addition to our Infinity® collection. The unique and trendy design, a 4-way stretch technology, and revolutionary style are why you'll love to consider these magnificent pair a part of your men semi-formal wear for upcoming events.

You can find these pants in gray, sand, navy, black, and asphalt. No matter what color you choose, you’ll experience a polished style, comfort, and performance you have never seen before.

Classic Chino Pants

Chino pants are designed with two essential aspects in mind – functionality and style. Maximum comfort and enhanced breathability will keep you fresh and stylish while ensuring you are dressed according to the occasion's manner. Our chinos are available in various colors and fits, which allows you to pick your favorite piece(s) in no time.

Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant ($98)

Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant goes beyond regular chinos. It features a subtle print detailing, soft stretch material, and two different color options – toffee and navy. This is one of the most versatile players in our collection, and it deserves to be a part of your wardrobe essentials.

Aiden 4-Way Stretch Chino Pant ($98)

Our signature chinos have just got an enhanced design. Aiden 4-Way Stretch Chino Pant represents a highly refined style, comfort, and performance, which are the factors that play a significant role in picking a perfect semi-formal attire for men.

It is available in three neutral yet unique tones – olive, asphalt, and navy.

Parker Performance Chino Pant ($99)

Parker Performance Chino Pant is a reinvented version of the traditional chinos. Optimized for the greatest performance, these fantastic pants are perfect for almost every occasion, providing you with an elevated comfort and style dose. Clean lines, classic styling, five-pocket detailing, and six different color options – tan, sea blue, navy, palm, charcoal, and black – are the details you’ll find the best about this garment.

Dress Pants for Enhanced Sophistication

A style provided by the dress pants from 7Diamonds is timeless. You'll feel a significant amount of comfort, versatility, and style as soon as you wear them. Pair them with a sweater or a classic button-up to get a sophisticated look that won't go unnoticed.

Modena Wool Dress Pant ($99)

Named by one of the most famous Italian cities, Modena Wool Dress Pant brings an ultra-modern European style to any gentleman. These stylish flat-front pants are made with a soft wool blend and added stretch that provides an elevated dose of comfort. Pair them with a crisp button-up and get the men semi-formal attire everyone will be impressed by.

Adoro Drawstring Pant ($88)

Our Adoro Drawstring Pant is so versatile that it can easily be dressed up or dressed down as needed. It features a straight leg fit that keeps it classic, and a drawstring at the waist that adds a delicate touch of modernity, allowing you to look classy while feeling incredibly relaxed. Choose between two color options – black and navy blue – and style them to get the best semi-formal men apparel.

Semi-Formal Blazers

If your final decision includes pants and a blazer instead of a suit, it is critical to keep things classic and sharp. That being said, your blazer needs to be well-fitted and made from high-quality fabrics that reflect the impeccable style and refined taste.

We suggest you stick with colors such as beige, navy, stone, or gray because these tones usually help maintain a classy aesthetic. Since pants and blazers are more casual than a classic suit, you're encouraged to enhance your look with a neutral tie and other accessories.

Kent 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

Polish up your look with a Kent 4-Way Stretch Blazer, a fantastic piece made from a richly textured fabric and spot-on detailing. Tortoiseshell buttons and a welt ticket pocket take this jacket’s style to the next level, ensuring you are well dressed for the semi-formal occasion.

Dunes 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

You cannot be unseen in the Dunes 4-Way Stretch Blazer. It features an urban and fashion-forward style, a high-quality material, and a trim-fitting design that will accentuate your shape and make you look even more handsome.

Torres 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

A Torres 4-Way Stretch Blazer is a new addition to our blazer collection. It's designed with attention to detail and sophisticated minimalism that will enchant all the people around you. It’s also suitable for some casual settings.

Newport 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

A crisp and polished Newport 4-Way Stretch Blazer is all you need for sporting a semi-formal attire men often like the most. A high-quality 4-way stretch technology and soft and durable fabric make this jacket your new go-to piece. Choose among navy, charcoal, light blue, and brown color and get ready to steal someone’s heart.

Carleton 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

True gentlemen will recognize the superior design of the Carleton 4-Way Stretch Blazer. It is made with classiness in mind, and its versatility allows you to style it in many different ways. The midnight color takes your style to the next level, no matter whether you’re headed to the office or a cocktail party.

Semi-Formal Shirts

When it comes to semi-formal shirts, most men decide to stick with a classic white button-up. Such a solution is entirely appropriate for the occasion, but you can also experiment with colors and patterns. Still, make sure you choose a high-quality item that fits you perfectly and matches your suit/blazer-pant set.

Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Luxseam® Shirt ($99)

A crisp Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Luxseam® Shirt is one of the best ways to embrace semi-formal attire and look incredibly classy. This marvelous piece features a high-quality Luxeseam® technology that provides the best fit and comfort, enhancing the wearer’s freedom of movement. It’s available in five neutral shades – white, rose quartz, dusty blue, navy, and black.

Clear Horizon 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

We used only the finest long-staple cotton and the unique 7Diamonds signature to create a Clear Horizon 4-Way Stretch Shirt. It’s a modern and versatile item that can complete any outfit you can imagine while making sure you’re feeling fresh all the time.

Signs Of The Times 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

A Signs Of The Times 4-Way Stretch Shirt is a perfect button-up with the right mixture of comfort and style. Apart from the 4-way stretch fabric, moisture-wicking technology, and wrinkle-resistance, this gorgeous shirt features a unique and captivating design that completes your semi-formal apparel and makes it more prominent.

The Healing Tide Long Sleeve Shirt ($89)

The Healing Tide Long Sleeve Shirt boosts your style while the premium cotton brings stretch and incredible comfort. The signature 7Diamonds elevates this piece’s overall design, and the three color options – burgundy, new blue, and charcoal – ensure the ultramodern style inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Santiago 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

A Santiago 4-Way Stretch Shirt is a uniquely designed item semi-formal shirt that can perfectly complete your overall outfit. It's a pretty comfortable and stylish piece that comes in two colors – navy and charcoal. It’s an excellent addition to your wardrobe, and you can wear it on any occasion thanks to its versatility.