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10 Types of Shirts for Men + 28 Items You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Eyes Off

Every guy has at least one shirt type in his closet, whether it is a classic flannel suitable for everyday demands or a dressy model convenient for cocktail parties or formal settings. Still, these are not the only models you can count on; there are more than ten different shirt styles you can wear throughout the year and regardless of the particular event.

, short-sleeve, and Hawaiian shirts might be the most popular types of shirts, but these are just the beginning. Today you can find a variety of models in different colors, styles, and patterns, and it’s basically impossible not to find your cup of tea.

Let’s go through the 10 most popular kinds of shirts and explore the 28 unique models that will undoubtedly draw your attention.

1.    Oxford Button-Down Shirt

An Oxford shirt is a staple any guy should have. Not only is it easy-to-combine, but you also can wear it anytime, anywhere. A classic Oxford shirt is made from a so-called Oxford fabric, a basket-weave material developed in Scotland during the 19th century.

The Oxford fabric usually is thicker than other shirt materials, which is why this unique shirt style delivers quite a casual look. Other details you can find on the Oxford shirt are button-down style and superior versatility that allows many different outfits.

You can wear this button-down with jeans, chinos, or corduroys. Stick to the open collar and sport clean, white sneakers to achieve the best Oxford shirt outfit.

Here are the best examples inspired by a timeless Oxford style:

2.    Camp Collar Shirt

A camp shirt, also known as a Cuban collar shirt, is a perfect warm-weather garment that helps you inject some personality into your everyday outfits. It features a style between smart and beachy, meaning that you can easily adapt it to different outfits.

A high-quality camp shirts suit any guy, regardless of his body shape. Thanks to its V-shaped space, it provides the visual effect of broadening the shoulders and creating a compelling V silhouette.

Other eye-catching details on this shirt style are attractive color and print. This is quite suitable for those who love experimenting with patterns and bringing something new to the table.

3.    Dress Shirt

The dress shirt is one of the most common men’s shirt styles convenient for events where you should sport a smart look. Dress shirt comes in different materials, colors, and styles, featuring a minimalistic design and refined taste.

A formal shirt is often compared to an Oxford shirt. Despite the many similarities they share, these two shirt types differ in aspects of origin and traditions that followed their development and the fabric. Unlike the Oxford shirt, which features a popular Oxford material, a classic dress shirt is commonly made from cotton or polyester.

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This advanced shirt type is available in five neutral colors – white, rose quartz, dusty blue, navy, and black.

4.    Flannel Shirt

Although flannel might remind you of the lumberjacks from Canadian woodlands, it is a must-have item for gentlemen. Featuring a thick, soft fabric, flannel shirts for men are excellent for colder seasons and 60-degree weather. Besides, flannels are quite versatile, whether you choose a classic plaid or plain version.

This evergreen piece is excellent for layering. That said, you can wear it open over a T-shirt or completely buttoned up to make it look like light outerwear. Overall, it’s an ideal option that meets the demands of any season, and you can never go wrong with it – just stick with darker denim jeans and a pair of boots, and you’re ready to embrace the low temperatures with high style.

5.    Overshirt (Shirt Jacket)

There are times when it’s too warm for a coat and not warm enough to go underdressed. In those situations, we need an extra layer of protection – a shirt jacket. It’s an amalgam of comfort, warmth, and high style, and the key lies in its versatility. You can wear it anytime you need a soft cover and want to keep it simple and minimalistic.

A smart overshirt can be paired with a T-shirt, denim, and a good pair of boots.

6.    Office Shirt

When we say office shirts, we refer to a business casual dress code that encompasses a broad range of clothing you can wear at your workplace. A classic work shirt is neither too casual nor too formal, but it’s something between these two tendencies.

Textures such as oxfords, twills, and cotton are perfect for business settings. They work perfectly without a tie, allowing you to achieve a clean and polished look – go for an off white or pale blue color to get a look that won’t go unnoticed by your co-workers.

Extra tip: Go for stretchy and wrinkle-free fabrics to prevent the messy appearance and lose a chance to go home with the employee of the month reward.

7.    Chambray Shirt

You might confuse chambray with denim since they look pretty similar. However, the significant difference between them lies in the fabric – chambray shirts are made from a lighter material than the twill weave, which is commonly used for jeans and other denim-inspired pieces.

Chambray shirts are made with versatility in mind, meaning that they look fantastic in any combination. It is quite easy to style, and the only thing you should have in mind is choosing jeans that don’t match too closely with the shirt. Pairing a chambray shirt with chinos is a “safer” combination you can never go wrong with.

Chambray Shirt

8.    Short-Sleeve Shirts

A common misconception about short-sleeve shirts is that they are reserved for delivery drivers, but nothing could be further from the truth. A short-sleeve shirt is an inevitable part of summer trends – from splendid tropical prints and geometric patterns to pastel colors and stripes. Hence, there is an option for anyone.

A short-sleeve shirt works perfectly with most footwear, chino shorts, linen trousers, and lighter trousers. This is the type of shirts that you can wear to the beach, bar, or even office – therefore, versatility is its alias.

9.    Denim Shirts

Quality denim is one of those types of shirt that never go out of style. Apart from providing you with a dose of masculinity and a casual edge, a denim shirt works perfectly with other items, delivering a luxurious yet relaxed look suitable for everyday challenges.

Pair them either with jeans, chinos, or shorts and get a crispy, polished look.

10.    Lightweight Shirts

A lightweight shirt is another warm-weather essential. It’s light, airy, and so convenient for experimenting with pastel shades, stripes, and unique patterns you have never had a chance to wear. A lightweight shirt perfectly matches chinos, jeans, or shorts while providing you with tons of footwear choices.

How Should Men’s Shirts Fit?

To get a crisp and sophisticated look inspired by the men's magazine’s cover, you should find a perfect fit model. No matter what shirt styles you prefer, you must ensure ideal sizing to prevent any fit issues that could spoil your style.

Let’s see the most important places you should pay attention to:


The first sign of an unfitting shirt is a gaping collar. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stick with the model that is turning your face purple but find one that provides a finger-width space when fully fastened.


A well-fitted shirt creates the illusion of wider shoulders even if you’re not entirely satisfied with what you got. Still, you need to make sure that the part where the shirt's sleeve is joined to the body sits on the shoulder's widest point.


Although we can see that the latest fashion trends support overlength sleeves, we wouldn’t recommend that option unless walking on a runway. You will know that you’ve found a perfect shirt when your sleeves end where your wrist meets your hand without leaving too much space whenever you move your arms. Besides, keep your sleeves slim.


Since buttons are a critical part of any shirt type, you must pay special attention to them. Ensure your shirt isn’t too tight around the chest, limiting movement and looking messy. Your chest area should feel comfortable while providing a seamless range of motion in the arms and whole upper body.


The last but not the least essential detail of a man’s shirt is the length. The proper length depends on the shirt type – casual shirts are meant to be worn untucked, which is why the fabric should reach halfway down the backside. As for the formal shirts, they should reach the bottom of the backside.

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Here are 5 steps for using our size guide:

Step 1 – Choose Your Favorite Shirt from the Collection

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Choose the shirt you like the most and click on the item to see more details.

Step 2 – Scroll Down to Find a Size Guide

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Step 3 – Introduce Your Measures

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Step 4 – Get Your Size

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Once you’ve changed the essential info, you’ll see the suggested size based on your build, height, and weight.

Step 5 – Compare the Sizes

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