what to wear in 60 degree weather

What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather: 15 Best Outfits to Boost Your Style and Forget the Cold

We can say goodbye to summer and welcome the fall with a smile on our faces. Characterized by tricky weather and mild temperatures, autumn is one of those seasons when we cannot always be sure whether it’s going to rain or whether we’ve dressed enough layers.

You should consider some crucial aspects when it comes to picking the right outfits for 60 degree weather. Namely, you should also check whether it is hot, windy, cold, or cloudy outside to determine whether you need a jacket, a coat, or an umbrella.

It’s not always easy to pick a 60 degree outfit. Therefore, we have chosen the 15 best apparel ideas for transitional seasons to keep you stylish and cozy at the same time. Let’s begin.

Pants: An Essential Part of 60 Degrees Clothing

Wearing long pants is a must in mild temperatures. They will not only keep you warm, but they will also enhance your style and provide you with a dose of casual elegance. You can always boost your warmth and comfort with long underwear, which will wick away any water and keep your skin dry.

Proper layering is essential for colder weather, and we suggest you consider it anytime you plan on spending some time outside. The following pants work perfectly with or without layering, and you can style them in many different ways, in order to feel cozy and look handsome.

The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant ($125)

The Infinity® 7-Pocket Pant represents the amalgam of comfort and style. They not only feature the most durable quality and wearable soft fabric, but they also have the right amount of stretch, shape retention, and style. These pants are made with versatility in mind, meaning that they will go with anything in your closet.

It’s available in six rich colors – gray, olive, black, true navy, ecru, and charcoal.

The Infinity® Chino Pant ($125)

A revolutionary pair of The Infinity® Chino Pants is the latest addition to the new Infinity® collection. It is designed to be comfortable and stylish, and it's an excellent example of the 60 degrees clothing for men. These chinos provide a seamless movement and performance, allowing you to stay active even when the temperature goes down.

The Infinity® Chino Pant is available in gray, sand, navy, black, and asphalt.

The Infinity® Jogger ($125)

The Infinity® Jogger is where mindful innovation meets comfort. It brings an elevated dose of coziness, making sure you feel at home no matter where you are. It features a top-class Linear Flex® fabric that delivers freedom of movement during either athletic activities or lounging around. Apart from being extremely breathable and comfy, these joggers enhance your style while keeping you fresh.

Pick your favorite jogger in black, ecru, charcoal, navy, olive, or stone blue.

Clifton Corduroy Pant ($88)

Clifton Corduroy Pant is characterized by clean lines and a simple yet sophisticated style that never gets old. It's made from soft corduroy that improves comfort, while details such as five pockets, 7Diamonds signature, and inside finishing edges bring an elevated dose of classiness you want on your clothes for 60 degrees.

A Clifton Corduroy Pant is available in nine earth-tone color options – navy, gray, light brown, palm, Bordeaux, barked brick, forest, mocha brown, and mahogany.

Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant ($98.00)

Oliver Printed Stretch Chino Pant is like regular chinos, only better. It features a subtle print detailing, gentle stretch fabric, and an excellent fit that suits any gentleman with style. This pair is a fantastic piece of clothing for 60 degree weather that will keep you crisp and polished.

It comes in two fall-inspired color options – navy and toffee.

Blazers and Jackets: An Extra Layer to Your 60 Degree Weather Outfits

Blazers and jackets are an excellent way to enhance your style and keep warm even during the colder days. Jackets are convenient for most everyday demands, while blazers play a significant role when picking a smart casual outfit in fall or winter.

Both blazers and jackets work perfectly with button-ups, sweaters, hoodies, T-shirts, and dress pants. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, and you can always find the model that matches your taste.

The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket
Our Infinity® collection goes beyond your expectations and includes more than pants and joggers. The Infinity® 4-Way Stretch Jacket is an innovative piece designed to keep you fresh and comfy as you’re performing sports or any other activities that involve a lot of movement. It’s an excellent addition to your 60 degree weather wardrobe, allowing you to stay effortlessly cool and productive no matter where you are.

This splendid jacket is available in navy, charcoal, and black.

The Commuter 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

The Commuter 4-Way Stretch Jacket
Looking for a perfect on-the-go layer piece? Look no further. The Commuter 4-Way Stretch Jacket is a must-have wardrobe staple made from superior fabric that provides enough stretch for all-day comfort, while its overall design enhances your style. Other essential details include moisture-wicking technology, 4-way stretch, and wrinkle-resistance.

It comes in charcoal, black, and gray.

Dundee Shirt Jacket ($249)

Mild temperatures call for coziness, and Dundee Shirt Jacket is the best way to embrace it. This jacket is essential that you'd like to take anywhere you go, especially since it's incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and easy layering. It can help you create a wide variety of styles that will not only keep you warm but also elevate your self-esteem.

Dunbar Shirt Jacket ($249)

Another vital piece of outerwear you’ll need to complete your 60 degree outfit is a Dunbar Shirt Jacket. It’s a fashion-forward staple that will take your style to the next level while keeping you cool and comfortable anywhere you go.

Dunes 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

Enhance your style even during the colder weather with a Dunes 4-Way Stretch Blazer. It's an always-on-trend item made from a richly textured fabric and spot-on detailing, such as tortoiseshell buttons and a welt ticket pocket. It delivered a polished touch to your overall attire, no matter if you're headed to the office or a bar.

Long-Sleeves: Must-Have Clothes for 60 Degree Weather

Long-sleeve button-ups and Henley shirts should be an integral part of your closet when the temperatures start to drop. These pieces are both functional and stylish, and you can wear them on any occasion where you want to keep it casual and cool.

Santiago 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

You cannot go wrong with Santiago 4-Way Stretch Shirt, a classic button-up updated with a unique design and two fantastic color options – charcoal and navy. It’s an excellent item you can wear under a blazer and use it to create different styles suitable for various occasions.

Rio Grande 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($99)

Rio Grande 4-Way Stretch Shirt
Rio Grande 4-Way Stretch Shirt is a classy item that can create tons of cool and sophisticated 60 degree weather outfits. It suits any gentleman that wants to embrace mild temperatures with confidence and style, while its versatility allows numerous combinations and easy outfits.

It’s available in two amazing color options – black and light blue.

Gunnar Double Pocket Flannel ($89)

Gunnar Double Pocket Flannel features an outstanding quality that brings an elevated level of comfort and style. This is a classic two-pocket flannel with an incredible hand feel and increased softness that will make any moment warm and cozy. Its more or less traditional design is now upgraded with a contemporary 7Diamonds signature detail.

Colt Double Pocket Flannel ($89)

Bring some colors to foggy days with a Colt Double Pocket Flannel. This is a stylish flannel made from superior fabrics that elevate comfort and style, and it can be paired with many different types of pants, jackets, T-shirts, and shoes.

Iron Sky Supima® Henley ($59)

A stylish and silky-smooth Iron Sky Supima® Henley is made with comfort in mind, but we must admit that designers have also thought about style. This cool Henley shirt comes with banded cuffs and hem, and three buttons that make a contrast.

It comes in two color options – sky captain and quarry.