what to wear on a first date men

What to Wear on a First Date: 10 Must-Have Things for Any Gentleman

What to wear on a first date to impress that lady? There is no straight answer. It doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 31, whether you have no clue how to get dressed or a Ryan Gosling awareness of personal style. #1 dates can be stressful to get ready for! Like business interviews, presenting your best self while trying not to sweat is like trying to smile while eating ginger – it’s far harder than it should be.

This article will help you choose the right combination. Let's take a look at 10 mens date outfit staples any guy should keep in mind.

First Date Outfit Ideas for Men


If it’s summertime and you have a daytime meetup planned, then a fitted (but not too tight) t-shirt can look great when paired with some lovely trousers and jacket. If you need to layer, no problem––there are lots of great outfits you can build around t-shirts.

1. Iqonicq Supima T-Shirt ($39)

The Iqonicq Supima T-Shirt highlights all the features that make this t-shirt truly exceptional, and we're not just talking about the fact that it's made from the Supima cotton fabric. Available in the classic crew neck style, you can take your pick from 16 subtle yet stunning solid colors – from white to quarry. In addition, the invisible stitching and the absence of logos means that there are no distracting features on it at all.

You can never go wrong with solid color when it comes to tee - it opens up a whole universe of possibilities to you as you put an outfit together. You can rest assured that you'll feel as great as you look when you cast your eyes on the final result, knowing that you're sporting one of the best Supima cotton t-shirts you can buy!


All rules are laid out when it comes to shirts, you can opt for whichever hits your style. These can be carried as a single layer, or coupled with a t-shirt and left unbuttoned. Modern shirts have been packing newer and ever more versatile fabrics, features, and materials, providing you with many options to take into account and make choices.

2. Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Luxseam Shirt ($99)

Every guy needs a plain white dress shirt for the first meeting. A button-down collar is an inherently casual take on the shirt, so make sure to wear this with an equally low-key blazer. 7Diamonds is all about quintessential American style, and nothing exemplifies that better than this Young Americans 4-Way Stretch Luxseam Shirt.

Utilizing advanced German fusing machines operated by artisans, we're able to eliminate any fit nuisances with a sleek and smooth fit that hugs the body. Giving the wearer freedom of movement, extra softness, all-way stretch, and moisture-wicking. You'll look and feel cool in this super classic shirt.

3. Sea Child 4-Way Stretch Shirt ($79)

The cut from this model is fitted yet relaxed, and they use a polyester/spandex blend (95%/5%) for sweat-wicking abilities and flexibility. It embodies summer without being too Don Johnson. Sea Child 4-Way Stretch Shirt is a casual short sleeve shirt that can be worn on any occasion. Modern and stylish design, with a chest pocket for a sharp and vibrant look. The spread collar allows for a visually slimming while maintaining low profile casual styling.

This lightweight, casual chambray fabric is a great option year-round and never goes out of style- perfect with chinos and cool shorts. Plus, it comes in many size categories. This shirt is soft to the touch and features moisture-wicking properties that kick moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and cool. And, since you're often on the go, 7Diamonds made this style machine washable to wear it straight from the dryer.


Polo shirts among men, particularly, leave an impression of manliness, being in charge, and simply neat and clean. Polo shirt designs, however, are always evolving as time passes by. It's also influenced by the function along with the features that the wearer wants. Today, it's almost as ubiquitous as a t-shirt is available in countless styles and looks terrific on anybody.

4. Ace Performance Pima Polo ($89)

Ace Performance Pima Polo is made from Pima cotton and polyester to create a durable and long-lasting fabric for everyday use. It is designed with an excellent fit to define the cuts and muscles of a man’s body but is also made with enough room for the right amount of movement. Compared to other fibers, polyester fibers have a different dye effect, which produces a unique shade of color.

It features moisture-wicking technology, so it's ideal for long-wearing. Plus, it's also comfortable and classy enough to wear on the rendezvous. This polo has a relaxed fit, two-tone style, and logo on the left breast. Also, this piece of the garment comes in 4 colors, from navy to maroon.


It’s right time you toss on your favorite sweater, grab your keys and head out on your fall-in-love adventure. There are plenty of choices this season, so your choice will depend on the look you’re going to present on that momentous day.

5. Grand Teton Knit Zip Sweater ($99)

This is no ordinary quarter-zip sweater. Created from a cotton blend, the Grand Teton Knit Zip Sweater from 7Diamonds is soft and comfortable to wear. This sweet model will be a staple in your cool-weather wardrobe. This piece of garment Features a ribbed mock neck, front half zip for easy-on and easy-off, and a real leather pull at the center front half-zip closure.

It'll keep you warm without making you feel like you are going to overheat during the eye contact with the lady, thanks to the unique blend. This model is refined for versatile three-season wear and can be paired with The Infinity 7-Pocket Pant in Olive or and perfect for a blazer or jacket.


Chino trousers are one of the most versatile pants you can buy. They’re great for any casual situation, and you can even dress them up for casual business settings. But what should a guy wear on a first date? They’re nice for this occasion since they go with just about any outfit. Basically, it’s hard to make chinos look bad.

6. Aiden 4-Way Stretch Chino Pant in Navy ($98)

If you seek a quality pair of chinos that costs under $100 for the first date, then it doesn't get much better than the Aiden 4-Way Stretch Chino Pant in Navy. They are comfortable and are built to last. The variety of colors and pant fits make it a solid pick.

Relying on a material comprising 95% cotton and 5% elastane, you will have a pair of pants that aren't only breathable and durable but the touch of lycra that gives a bit of stretch. Whether you are bending over, performing a salsa with your crush or merely crouching, you don't need to worry about these pants restricting movement or splitting.


If you want to look tip-top on your first date, you need a blazer in your closet. A blazer is a highly versatile part of menswear that every guy should own, and your choices are nearly endless. Due to the Coronavirus, you don't need to drive the store to check out your options on the rack. Shop online to find a broad array of different blazer styles and choose one that's a fit for your dress code and personal taste.

7. Solano 4-Way Stretch Blazer ($195)

If you have a high very high bar for quality, you can't beat Solano 4-Way Stretch Blazer from 7Diamonds. Made from 72% rayon, 23% polyester, and 5% spandex, this blazer features a timeless, classic look with plenty of attention to detail. It sports tortoiseshell buttons and a welt ticket pocket.

The anti-wrinkle finish makes it fantastic for travel, as you know it'll come out of the suitcase looking fresh. And while you won't want to wear it in the sun for too long, it's excellent for evening rendezvous and daylong use indoors and in colder seasons. This black blazer is great for formal and casual outfits — it's a classic shape in an extremely versatile color and material. This is a 100% polyester lining blazer with a slim cut that sits close to the body without being overly restrictive on movement.


Jackets are fabulous outerwear because they typically function as layering pieces themselves. Rather than cover up your mens date outfit with a chunky coat, you can wear a jacket to complement it. Thrown on a scarf, and you've got an elegant look together. All these jackets were chosen for their timelessness, versatility, and overall style-appeal. That means you don't have to worry about these going out of style any time soon.

8. The Denim Jacket ($69.30)

If you seek a moody, over-dyed, boxy fit denim jacket, you can consider your search over. The Denim Jacket is the ideal all-rounder and an excellent #1 date option for the denim jacket novice. A stylish slim-fit, black rinse jacket that will go with almost anything.

Not only is it the classic denim jacket style, but it’s a great price point, sitting under $70, and its quality, versatility and durability have already been proven. Opt for the black rinse this spring if you need a relief pitcher for your blue denim jacket. It’s like giving your entire wardrobe a facelift with just one new piece.

9. The Infinity 4-Way Stretch Jacket ($149)

The Infinity 4-Way Stretch Jacket is a trendy model with the freedom of 4-way stretch. Its Linear Flex breathable softshell is lightweight, quiet, and delivers fascinating mobility. Plus, the moisture-wicking capability will always keep you dry and sweat-free.

From the hidden pockets to waterproof zips, and many other handy features keep this best men’s jacket facile, sleek, and valuable. The mock neck collar is detailed, and you’ll be able to bend and stretch as much as you need to in this 100% polyester model. 3 color combinations let you choose the tone that matches your wardrobe.


Summer is the best time to meet new people and, yes, go on rendezvous. And while you want to look good, part of you knows that it’s more important to stay sweat-free and comfortable. How do you strike a balance between giving your first date the right impression while wearing a pair of shorts? Our ultimate shorts collection will solve that dilemma.

10. Aeroplane Hybrid Short ($59)

The handsome, classic look of this slate Aeroplane Hybrid Short is just a cover for all the functionality of a full-fledged hybrid short, with technical features like a zipper fly with a black button. Its four-way stretch and water- and stain-resistant fabric turns away mustard and motor oil alike while wicking sweat in the hottest temperatures. The slim silhouette and absence of garish logos are always appropriate, especially on the first meeting.

Designed with the 21st-century man in mind, these shorts make any activity ultra-comfortable due to its relaxed fit and generous pockets. Also, they're easy to care for, so you can wash, dry, and go! Unlike thicker fleece options that can cause perspiration down there (you know where), these hybrid stunners are breathable and hit the perfect length above the knee.