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What to Wear with Corduroy Pants: Fashion-Forward Tricks to Boost Your Style this Winter

Corduroy is a fantastic fabric that provides many different and creative outfits for men who want to embrace evergreen and sophisticated style. This velvet variation is soft yet durable, it is easy to maintain and clean, which makes it a perfect addition to your classic wardrobe.

You can find corduroy on trousers, jackets, suits, or 60-degree weather apparel. Since it’s warm and cozy, it is an ideal solution for days when you need an extra dose of heat. The good news is that the corduroy is back in fashion, but now with more colors and styles to take your outfits to the next level.

Whether you’re a first-time corduroy buyer or need more velvet-alike material in your closet, next-level corduroy pants are a perfect item you should go for. Keep reading this guide to discover what to wear with corduroy pants, where to buy them, and what occasions are suitable for seizing this cord-inspired material.

Men’s Corduroy Pants Overview

Although corduroy goes in and out of style from time to time, it never dies. In fact, it is excellent for gentlemen who want to build a classic wardrobe filled with evergreen staples suitable for almost any setting.

If you’re about to reorganize your fall-winter wardrobe, don't miss a pair of corduroy pants to cover your basic style needs. They are cozier than jeans, more comfortable than classic or wool trousers, and can be an excellent substitute for these essentials. Available in many colors, predominantly earthy and neutral tones, they feature incredible versatility that allows you to create many different outfits you can wear at any moment.

You can wear corduroys in many different ways and make them suitable for every occasion – smart, smart casual, and casual are some of the styles you can achieve with corduroy fashion, and we’re sure you’ll love them. We’ll mention these styles later in the article.

Corduroy Pants: Colors

The most common corduroy colors include brown, tan, khaki, olive, black, sand, navy, gray, and similar neutral tones. However, you can find pants in more vibrant colors such as burgundy, mustard yellow, green, and more.

You should choose the color that makes you feel comfortable and confident, regardless of the current men’s fashion trends. You can always wear them with a white tee or shirt, or any basic item in solid color.

Corduroy Pants: Fits

The best corduroy pants are available in slim, skinny, and straight fit. Guys with thinner build should go for slimmer, tapered models that suit them better than a regular fit. On the other hand, bigger guys may be drawn to the straight fit corduroys, which are a bit roomier than their smaller counterparts.

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants?

When it comes to pairing corduroy pants with other items from your wardrobe, we must admit that you have various wearable options. Fashion experts usually recommend wearing corduroys with quieter wardrobe essentials to keep things calm. That said, you won’t go wrong with a simple white tee, casual hoodie or sweater, or a dressy white shirt.

Still, you have an array of options for sporting your favorite pair of corduroy jeans, depending on the look you want to achieve. Let’s see some useful ideas for creating the best corduroy outfits according to the occasion.

Men Corduroy Pants for Casual Look

You can easily incorporate corduroy into your casual outfits by swapping casual denim with a pair of cords that perfectly match your apparel. Add a checkered overshirt and a sweatshirt to get a relaxed yet more considered look suitable for nights out and casual dinners with friends.

Make sure you’re wearing cords that complement the rest of the outfit. Pick a neutral color such as black corduroy pants or those in khaki or beige to create tonal apparel where items are well-paired.

Corduroy Pants

Men Corduroy Pants for Smart Casual Look

Since corduroy pants feature a more elevated style than a classic pair of denim, at the same time, they’re more relaxed than dress pants – therefore, they are an ideal choice for smart-casual settings.

To incorporate them into your smart-casual dressing, opt for darker tones such as olive green, navy, brown, and similar. Use brighter details to highlight the casual side of your apparel, and you’re ready to go!

Men Corduroy Pants for Smart Look

Corduroy blends in formal looks quite easily. To style an authentic smart look, go for sharper men’s slim fit corduroy pants in darker jewel tones and pair them with a timeless polo shirt, a coat, and a pair of sophisticated boots. The polo’s collar accentuates the formal vibe, while the coat and shoes take the overall look to another level.

Where to Buy Corduroy Pants?

You can find corduroy pants at almost any fashion store, either online or on-site. Still, not all of them are created equally – you may find differences in quality, cord type, softness, durability, and general fit. Those who don’t know where to look are in the right place – 7Diamonds offers a unique collection of next-level corduroy pants men can wear to experience a new dimension of style.

Featuring clean lines, simple yet classy flair, and nine different earth-toned color options, our Clifton Corduroy Pant is the most versatile staple that deserves a place in your closet. It is soft and cozy, which makes it suitable for the fall-winter season and occasions that require a higher dose of elegance.

Other fantastic design details include inside finished edges, five belt loops, five pockets, and 7Diamonds signature on the rivets and buttons. Thanks to a super-soft 18-Wale corduroy, you’ll feel an incredible dose of comfort and warmth.

Clifton Corduroy Pant in Gray ($88)

Gray tones work perfectly with virtually any color, creating polished looks suitable for any occasion, from casual to smart ones.

Clifton Corduroy Pant in Navy ($88)

Navy is a polished and evergreen note that never goes out of style. Corduroy pants in navy are quite popular among gentlemen with style, primarily since they’re versatile, classy, and convenient for virtually any setting.

Clifton Corduroy Pant in Light Brown ($88)

Any brown shade can enhance your overall style and provide it with a dose of sophistication that never dies. Cords in light brown allow numerous combinations and styles to revive your gentleman spirit and take your look to another level.

Clifton Corduroy Pant in Mocha Brown ($88)

You cannot go wrong with a refined mocha brown tone created for foggy fall days and cold winter mornings. The very thought of mocha brings the taste of coffee, hot chocolate, and coziness into our minds, which is another reason why you’ll love these cords.

Clifton Corduroy Pant in Palm ($88)

There are thousands of green shades, and we must admit that each one brings a touch of nature. You can wear green throughout the year, and regardless of the occasion you’re attending since we’re talking about a timeless color that doesn’t lose its luster.

Clifton Corduroy Pant in Forest ($88)

Forest-inspired cords should become your go-to choice pretty soon. Those who love more vibrant options will find this model quite dazzling yet versatile, meaning that it goes perfectly with various solid-colored items.

Clifton Corduroy Pant in Mahogany ($88)

Bring some joy to your fall outfit with a fresh mahogany color you can pair with other items and tones and get classy outfits that cannot go unnoticed.

Clifton Corduroy Pant in Bordeaux ($88)

The color inspired by the fabulous Burgundy wine can never be a wrong option. Therefore, these corduroy pants suit any mens style while boosting his sophistication and refined taste.

Clifton Corduroy Pant in Baked Brick ($88)

Neither brown nor red, baked brick color is unique, versatile, and always on-trend. Why don’t you try it?

What to Wear with Corduroy Pants from 7Diamonds? 5 Must-Try Styles

You can wear our cords in many different ways to create various styles convenient for most occasions. Here are the 5 best items you can wear with trousers and create many go-to corduroy outfits to wear this winter.

1.    A Classic White T-Shirt

A basic white tee is a must-have item in a man’s wardrobe, especially since it matches any outfit. It allows various combinations to create casual and smart-casual looks that elevate your comfort and style.

Besides, it works perfectly with a pair of ultra-modern corduroy, no matter what color you choose. Opt for an Iqonicq Supima® T-Shirt in White, a pair of white sneakers, and neutral-toned cords to get an effortlessly chic outfit suitable for everyday demands.

2.    A Legendary Polo Shirt

You can sport smart apparel with a timeless polo shirt and cords from the 7D collection. Not only you’ll look classy, but you’ll also get a perfect look in less than five minutes. The polo shirt's collar will enhance the overall look and provide it with a touch of elegance and refined style.

A structured coat, an overshirt, or a corduroy jacket can complete your outfit and keep you warm during colder days.

3.    Long-Sleeve or Short-Sleeve Shirts

You can wear long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirts with mens corduroy pants to create numerous outfits for entirely different affairs. You can wear a shirt under a sweater to accomplish an office-friendly look or opt for a flannel and corduroy jacket to meet the conditions of a more relaxed environment.

4.    Casual Hoodies and Sweaters

Hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweaters are true fall-winter staples that keep you warm and cozy wherever you are. Thanks to the popularity of the athleisure style, even the items done in an entirely athletic manner can be suitable for an array of events and settings, including offices and business meetings (depending on the office’s dress code).

Hoodies and sweatshirts are quite versatile, which means that you can wear them with cords anytime you need an extra dose of comfort. Since sweaters feature a more polished look, you can style them with corduroys when going to dinner or a date.

5.    Jackets

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