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10 Must-Have Winter Clothes for Men to Keep You Toasty and Stylish in 2020

Ned Stark’s prediction came true – Winter is here. Not everyone is fond of winter, especially due to its low temperatures, snow, and the necessity to wear layers. Still, as seasons come and go, what we wear is quite important. Characterized by its chilly weather, winter requires a dose of warmth and coziness that only adequate clothes can bring.

Speaking of winter outfits for men, some clothes are a must – jackets, knit sweaters and hoodies, beanies, and wool socks are some of the items that will keep you warm and cozy, but there is an array of garments and accessories to boost your comfort and style during chilly days and nights.

Winter layering can be tough, so we have prepared a complete guide to 10 winter outfits men can wear this winter without spending hours figuring out how to pair the items without looking bulky.

Winter Essentials: Fabrics

Before we jump to the specific clothing categories and men winter style, let’s talk about the softest and warmest materials your clothes should be composed of. The texture plays a significant role in clothes, especially those designed for colder seasons. Proper fabrics will keep you warm yet fresh during winter, enhancing breathability and preventing you from sweating.

Here are some of the fabrics you should prioritize to boost your comfort and style this winter.


Apart from being an essential part of men’s classic wardrobe, cotton is incredibly useful during winter. This never-fading material is popular due to its inexpensiveness, softness, and excellent color retention abilities, which impact the clothes’ durability.

Not all cotton is created equal, and many factors impact its overall quality. However, you won't go wrong with Pima cotton, which is a soft and high-quality fabric that’s usually more expensive than traditional cotton.


We cannot imagine winter without a timeless flannel, no matter if it’s on a shirt or jacket. Although flannel is originally made from woven wool, contemporary models come in different materials, including cotton, polyester, or nylon.

Still, the flannel is very soft and warm, which is why it is quite convenient for winter. It is also lightweight and breathable, so it is ideal for layering.

Polyester and Nylon

Polyester and nylon are synthetic fabrics with many advantages. They are budget-friendly, moisture-wicking, and wrinkle-resistant, which is why you may find them on shirts, pants, and outerwear.

Men's Winter Fashion: Top 10 Clothing Pieces to Wear This Winter

The truth is we have a wide variety of options when it comes to crafting men winter outfits. You can pair your clothes according to the occasion and achieve many fashion-forward styles reflecting casual, smart casual, athleisure, urban, semi-formal, or formal flair.

You can build your winter wardrobe out of the clothes you already have, but if you're looking for new items to upgrade your closet staples, look no further. Here is the list of 10 tip-top winter essentials to provide you with many stylish apparel ideas to rock winter 2020/2021.

1. Chinos and Pants in Darker Colors

Chinos are a wardrobe staple that shouldn’t be missed even when temperatures drop. You cannot go wrong with chino pants in darker tones, including black, charcoal, dark brown, or navy whether you want to sport a classy, casual, rebellious, or business-friendly look.

You can always brighten up your chino outfit with a jacket, scarf, and a killer pair of boots. A super-stylish pair of chinos work perfectly with any piece of clothing, creating bombastic semi-formal and casual apparel outfits that don't go out of style.

1.1. Black Pants

Black is the most versatile color in anyone’s closet. Therefore, you can use black trousers and chinos to create tons of styles convenient for occasions with different dress codes and formality levels. They are a perfect year-round choice, especially since they are lightweight, breathable, and easy-to-pair with other garments.

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1.2. Navy Pants

Navy is a royal tone that takes all your outfits to the next level. Pants in navy are suitable for either casual or cocktail events, including Christmas parties that require a more sophisticated look. They work perfectly with garments in different shades, allowing you to create apparel that won't go unnoticed.

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1.3. Charcoal/Asphalt Pants

Charcoal reflects a real winter spirit. Even though it might seem a bit foggy, this dark gray tone will enhance your outfit, allowing you to embrace true classic fashion tendencies that never die. Shirts, hoodies, jackets, and flannels work perfectly with charcoal pants, but the truth is that you have endless options when it comes to styling the following stunners.

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2. Corduroy Pants

Corduroy fabric is soft, durable, and incredibly fashionable. We love to see corduroy on pants, especially since they are back in fashion, and winter is an excellent opportunity to give them a try.

Corduroy pants come in many different colors, styles, fits, and cord patterns. They are predominantly made in darker and earth-inspired tones, which is another characteristic that makes them fall and winter-friendly. Choose an either slim or straight fit, pair it with a dress shirt, and you'll be ready to leave your house with confidence.

Depending on your cords’ shade, you can pair them with a plaid button-down, or a solid-colored knit sweater or top.


2.1. Clifton Corduroy Pants ($88)

Clifton Corduroy Pants from 7Diamonds are made with versatility in mind. Featuring clean lines and a simple-yet-classy style, these great cords are an ideal choice for either everyday demands or special occasions during colder months. You may choose among nine earth-toned color options and enjoy incredible comfort brought by high-quality 18-Wale corduroy.

Other design details you may find impressive include inside finished edges, five belt loops, five pockets, and 7Diamonds signature on the buttons and rivets.

winter outfits corduroy pants

3. Athleisure Wear

Everyday errands don’t fade together with the sun, which is why you need something comfy and relaxed during winter. Athleisure style is one of the essential aspects of winter men fashion. It features a so-called performance-meets-relaxed style, allowing you to look sharp even when you’re wearing sweatpants or joggers.

The most distinguished athleisure style advantage is that it is designed with practicality in mind, moisture-wicking technology, and other features that deliver smooth movement and incredibly high style.

3.1. The Infinity® Jogger ($125)

The Infinity® Jogger is a perfect addition to casual winter outfits for men. They feature a highly innovative and durable Linear Flex® technology suitable for athletic movement or lounging around. With these great joggers, you’ll be able to multitask smoothly and without worrying about your belongings – they have hidden pockets secured with zippers, safeguarding your essentials even during the most intensive winter activities.

Other details include shape retention, 4-way stretch fabric, and moisture-wicking technology to keep you fresh and sweat-free throughout the day. They are available in six color options – navy, olive, black, charcoal, ecru, and stone blue.

4. A Crew Neck Sweater

A classic crew neck sweater is an incredibly convenient piece suitable for creating a variety of winter men outfits. Crewnecks are comfy, relaxed, and cozy, so you can wear them virtually anytime under jackets or zip-up hoodies.

Apart from keeping you warm, knit crewnecks enhance your masculinity and make you look more handsome wherever you are.

4.1. Railay Beach Knit Sweater ($89)

An exceptionally cozy and stylish Railay Beach Knit Sweater is a perfect addition to your casual winter outfits. Men prefer these comfy-yet-polished pieces that match other garments and create lots of looks suitable for nights out, game nights, or relaxed hangouts with buddies.

Our knit sweater is soft, stretchy, and made from incredibly breathable Jacquard knit fabric. Jacquard knit is a timeless and thick material that boost comfort, warmth, and suits any gentleman with refined taste.

Railay Beach Knit Sweater

5. Hoodies/Zip-Up Hoodies/Zip-Up Sweaters

Whether you go for regular or zip-up hoodies, not only you’ll boost your comfort, but also feel an incredible rush of energy that will encourage you to stay active even during winter. Generally, hoodies and sweaters are a man’s wardrobe staple. They come in a wide variety of styles suitable for virtually every guy.

Hoodies are suitable for jogging, workouts, work-from-home environment, and lounging around. You can sport your favorite piece with chinos, cords, or denim jeans, and add a jacket or overshirt to layer up.

5.1. Mulholland Drive Supima® Hoodie ($49.50)

Mulholland Drive Supima® Hoodie is a versatile and classic piece suitable for crafting urban winter outfits for men. It features an easy style, providing a smooth movement that takes your physical activity performance to the next level. It comes in three unique yet easy-to-combine colors – putty, mauve, and golden brown.

Mulholland Drive Supima® Hoodie

5.2. Keaton Fleece Hoodie ($44.50)

A Keaton Fleece Hoodie is another garment that will keep you active during low temperatures. It will improve your warmth and freshness while ensuring a neat and polished look. It reflects a sporty style and lightweight comfort embellished with a unique floral lining. Choose between the two neutral color options – navy and gray.

Keaton Fleece Hoodie

5.3. Yosemite Knit Zip Sweater ($99)

A Yosemite Knit Zip Sweater is a cozy and chunky piece that will take your outfit to another level. It is made from super-soft materials for enhanced comfort and breathability, while details such as side pockets and the full zipper boost its practicality and make it an excellent layering piece.

Yosemite Knit Zip Sweater

6. Sweater Flannels

We have already mentioned flannel as one of the most appropriate winter outfits and styles, but once you see sweater flannels, you’ll never want to leave this timeless fabric out of your life. Sweater flannels are a must this winter. They are soft, comfy, and smart, meaning that you can wear them regardless of the occasion.

Sweater flannels work perfectly with other items, and they are an excellent layer that will keep you snug throughout the day. They come in many different unique yet versatile styles you can take anywhere you go.

Sweater flannels from 7Diamonds are the softest stretch items you have ever tried. Thanks to our unique fabric blend, you’ll be provided with enough stretch to experience those all-day comfort vibes. 

No matter which model you choose, you’ll get a perfect layering piece you can wear over your sweater, hoodie, or tee. Our sweater flannels also look great when worn alone, and we can proudly say that they are a fantastic year-round staple.

6.1. North Star Sweater Flannel ($119)

North Star Sweater Flannel
6.2. Dawnbreak Sweater Flannel ($119)
Dawnbreak Sweater Flannel


6.3. Atlas Sweater Flannel Shirt Jacket ($119)

Atlas Sweater Flannel Shirt Jacket


6.4. Axe Sweater Flannel ($119)

Axe Sweater Flannel

7. Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt is ideal for those who prefer a more casual approach to layering. This next-level item matches numerous male winter outfits, meaning that you can style it with chinos, tees, turtlenecks, sweaters, and dark coat or jacket to provide the overall ensemble with a dose of classiness.

Flannel shirts often feature red, blue, green, and yellow tones that can be perfectly balanced with dark denim or chinos in similar shades.

7.1. Luxe Flannel Shirts

Luxe flannel shirts from 7Diamonds feature an outstanding quality that contributes to a flawless, never-fading, and classic style that won’t go unnoticed. These bad boys are designed with comfort in mind, and you’ll be happy to include them into your men winter outfits.

Here are the three most distinguished models you can use in a myriad of winter-friendly outfits.

Luxe Flannel Shirts mens


8. Shirt Jackets

Shirt jacketscan be either a substitute for a jacket or just an extra layer of clothing for enhanced coziness. They are a fantastic addition to winter fashion. Men with style will stick to this garment this year since its versatility allows you to wear it in different settings.

Shirt jackets are often lightweight and comfortable, which is another significant advantage when it comes to layering. They go perfectly with any shoe or accessory type, and you can upgrade it in many different and creative ways.

Take a look at the following shirt jackets from 7Diamonds, and find your go-to choice for this wintertime.

8.1. Country Road Shirt Jacket ($99)

Country Road Shirt Jacket


8.2. Dundee Shirt Jacket ($249)
Dundee Shirt Jacket Mens

8.3. Dunbar Shirt Jacket ($249)

Mens Dunbar Shirt Jacket
9. Blazer

Blazers are ideal for those days when you need an extra touch of sophistication and style. They are a perfect solution for semi-formal events held during wintertime, especially since they keep you warm while boosting your overall apparel.

The best way to sport blazers in winter is to pair them with turtlenecks, a button-up shirt, and a coat you can ditch as soon as you enter the room with a fireplace.

9.1. 7Diamonds Blazers

Our blazer collection consists of classy and unique pieces any well-dressed man would like to have in his wardrobe. Any model you choose will give your casual look an uptown twist, and you won’t have to worry about pairing since our men’s blazers layer almost everything in anyone’s closet.

7Diamonds Mens Blazers


10. Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is an always-on-trend piece that will complete your winter wardrobes. Bombers come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and materials, meaning that you can choose among those made from leather, nylon, polyester, or wool.

Bomber jackets are so easy to pull off, whether you choose to layer it over a T-shirt, hoodie, or Henley.

10.1. Hughes Bomber Jacket ($199)

A Hughes Bomber Jacket features a sleek and stylish grid-patterned wool blend. With a front zip closure and two side pockets to store your valuables, this winter jacket is highly functional and fashionable. It provides enough stretch for any kind of challenge your day throws at you, while its shape-retention ability ensures long-lasting durability and good looking.

Hughes Bomber Jacket